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[rohrpost] Datascape

April on -empyre-:

Datascape  with Teri Rueb, Brett Stalbaum and John Tonkin

 -empyre-  takes pleasure in welcoming three artists whose work engages GPS
and data-base systems as an exploration of new content in landscape
aesthetics, data mapping and psycho-geographies.

Today our new media landscape moves from an aesthetic of representation and
mimesis to a data driven generative model for exploration.  Data is the
actual expression of our ability to model both humanity and the planet
as a system.

Because it is actual, data plays an intermediary and "actualizing" role in
the human relationship to the landscape. The role of the virtual in the
unfolding of the actual is quickened, more dynamic, more widespread, and
more embedded in our culture at this moment in time than at any other.  What
are the implications for digital culture, artistic practice and tactical

"Specifically, in the current context of  war,  we are seeing satellite
imaging and GPS technology used to guide missiles, construct high definition
maps, direct movement of troops and aircraft, and image space as
territory. Questions regarding the representation of space and corollary
constructions of identity are raised with every broadcast, press briefing,
illustration and photograph. Real-time unpacking of the rhetoric behind
these cartographic texts is urgently needed and we look forward to this
month's forum unfolding as a space for such discussion and
Debate." -Teri Rueb

Please join Teri,  Brett  and John starting April 1 on


 --------Teri Rueb (Baltimore, MD) has used global positioning satellite
(GPS) technology in her work since 1996 to explore issues of space, mapping,
landscape, memory, the body and cultural identity. Her current research
explores sonic and acoustic constructions of space, spatialized narrative,
human movement and psycho-social geography.


 --------------Brett Stalbaum (San Jose, California) is a C5 research
theorist specializing in theory,database,and software development. The C5
Landscape projects, initiated in 2001, involve mapping, navigation and
search of the landscape using internally produced Geographic Information
Systems. He has recently been involved in code development and
research/theory work on database, the artist's role in the problems of large
data, and landscape art.


----------John Tonkin  (Sydney, Australia) is a artist,  programmer and
curator who has worked for nearly two decades with animation, software
development and databases.  His recent works are formed through the
accumulated interactions of users and  investigate assumptions relating to
subjectivity, scientific belief systems and the body. John recently curated
"All Star Data Mappers" for d.lux Media Arts, a survey of artists and
designers who are building information visualisation software to navigate
the complex terrain of the electronic datasphere.

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