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[rohrpost] Call for Papers: ichim03: Cultural Institutions and Digital Technology

ichim03: Cultural Institutions and Digital Technology
Join us at l'╔cole du Louvre, Paris, France, September 8-12, 2003

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Call for Papers: Deadline April 11, 2003

Since 1991 the best in interactive multimedia have met biennially to
examine the relationships between technology and cultural heritage.
If you are making multimedia to interpret primary resources, using
the technology to expand your audience, reconstructing history
virtually, publishing digital culture or researching cultural
heritage informatics, ichim03 is the venue for you.

ichim03 Cultural Institutions and Digital Technology will address the
fundamental issues in the creation and dissemination of virtual
scientific and cultural heritage, education and research, and digital
artistic creations. Two pre-conference days will offer exclusive
seminars and workshops for advanced training. They will be followed
by three days of papers, panels, presentations, debates and
demonstrations. Curators, computer scientists, administrators,
publishers, educators, entrepreneurs and artists from around the
world will come to share their experiences, learn new methods and
forge new partnerships.

Conference Themes

Presentations will discuss five major themes:

    1. The political, economic, legal and technical frameworks for
cultural institutions and digital publishing in a digital age.

    2. Management and technological strategies for digitization of
cultural heritage (state of the art, exemplary applications,
presentation and audit of projects, issues of skills and training);

    3. Dissemination, exploitation and enrichment of digital assets
(from scientific Intranet systems to popularization Web-television
channels and digital libraries: practical, technical and critical
approaches, best practices and experiments);

    4. Museum and interactive exhibitions (from nomadic devices to
immersive installations and virtual galleries: case study, evaluation
of the public assessment, theory and research);

    5. Digital art and the contemporary creation of a digital culture
(Curation, preservation, exhibition, performance, dissemination,
critique, and curriculum ).

Parallel to the conference, we anticipate the presentations of
experimental projects by cultural institutions, private and
government programs in search of partners, and demonstrations of
commercial products and services intended for cultural heritage
institutions and the popular cultural heritage market.

Working languages of the conference will be French and English.

Call for Proposals

Three types of proposals are encouraged:

     * Papers
     * Master Classes & Workshops
     * Demonstrations

++Papers++ (to be given September 10-12)

Abstracts of proposed papers, of about 500 words, must be submitted
in French or in English. Submit your proposal using the on-line form.
For further details, or to discuss a possible paper, contact <
ichim03 @ ecoledulouvre.fr >.

ICHIM's international Scientific Committee will examine all the
submitted proposals. By APRIL 30, authors will be notified of
acceptance and provided with precise technical specifications for
their final contribution.

Full papers (10 to 20 pages) should be delivered by the authors by
JUNE 30, 2003, for publication in the ICHIM Proceedings, which will
be given to all participants. Failure to deliver a complete paper by
the deadline may result in cancellation of the presentation. Papers
not submitted by the deadline and according to guidelines will not
appear in the Proceedings.

++Workshops, tutorials, "master classes", methodological seminars or
training sessions (to be given September 8-9)++

If you wish to suggest or propose an activity for the preliminary
program, note that it should be suited for a group of 6 to 18 persons
and intended for presentation in 1 to 4 modules of 3 hours each.

Submit your proposal using the on-line form. For further details, or
to discuss your idea, please contact < ichim03@ecoledulouvre.fr >.

All proposals will be reviewed by the international Scientific Committee.

++Experimental demonstrations (to be given September 10-12)++

If your project or idea is not suited to a formal paper, you can
propose an informal Demonstration. Submit an abstract with full
details of the project, and the demonstration you would make, using
the on-line form.

For further details, or to discuss a possible demonstration, contact
< ichim03 @ ecoledulouvre.fr >.

All proposals will be reviewed by the international Scientific Committee.

        All Proposals are due April 11, 2003.

Submit your proposal, using the on-line form linked from

Commercial exhibition
ichim03 will include an exhibition space (scheduled between September
10-12) to enable companies and consultants to feature their products
and services. Please contact < ichim03@ecoledulouvre.fr > for further

ichim03 is co-organized by l'Ecole du Louvre
http://www.ecoledulouvre.fr and Archives & Museum Informatics

This conference is one of the International Cultural Heritage
Informatics Meetings (ICHIMs) held every two years since 1991. See
http://www.archimuse.com/conferences/ichim.html for further details,
and past Proceedings.

More Information?
For further details, see http://www.archimuse.com/ichim03 or email

Correspondence en francais: Veuillez prendre contact  avec

J. Trant                                jtrant@archimuse.com
Partner & Principal Consultant          phone: +1 416 691 2516
Archives & Museum Informatics   fax: +1 416 352 6025
158 Lee Ave, Toronto
Ontario M4E 2P3 Canada          http://www.archimuse.com

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