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Re[2]: [rohrpost] Re:Talking Head Nobert Bolz


Friday, March 28, 2003, 7:13:11 PM, you wrote:
scd> Die politisch-ökonomische
scd> Determinanten scheinen - auf dem Hintergrund des Krieges - im 
scd> materiellen Substrat des Öls ›begraben‹ zu sein.

das sind sie genau nur oberflaechlich (Goodbye Flusser). sie liegen,
begraben unter
Scholl-Latour-und-Kriegberichterstattung-Pseudoanalyseschrott, in der EU |
USA-Konkurrenz um weltmarktanteile und die durchsetzung des EURO als
Leitwaehrung gegen den US-Dollar. vor diesem hintergrund ist die derzeit
wahrnehmbare populare Medientheorie a la Virilio 1991 (boeser Joystick-Krieg) zur reinen
phaenomenologie von Propaganda und Goebbelsmaschine degradiert und ihrerseits Ablenkung.

zum oel ein zitat aus einem text anonymer autoren:
"diese Art des
Vorgehens der USA als isolierten Akt zur Absicherung der Erdölversorgung zu sehen, macht
nun überhaupt keinen Sinn, da auf mittlere Sicht durch die russische Offensive Erdöl
überreichlich den Weltmarkt überschwemmt."

und zu US-EU ein paar laengere zizate aus:
<nettime> [IRAQ] 030319 digest 2 [x10]

Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 10:13:02 -0800
From: Christine Palma <>
Subject: Geoffrey Heard essay on the war situation and economics:

"Under an OPEC agreement, all oil has been traded in US dollars since 1971
(after the dropping of the gold standard) which makes the US dollar the de
facto major international trading currency. If other nations have to hoard
dollars to buy oil, then they want to use that hoard for other trading too.
This fact gives America a huge trading advantage and helps make it the
dominant economy in the world.

As an economic bloc, the European Union is the only challenger to the USA's
economic position, and it created the euro to challenge the dollar in
international markets. However, the EU is not yet united behind the euro --
there is a lot of jingoistic national politics involved, not least in
Britain -- and in any case, so long as nations throughout the world must
hoard dollars to buy oil, the euro can make only very limited inroads into
the dollar's dominance.

In 1999, Iraq, with the world's second largest oil reserves, switched to
trading its oil in euros. American analysts fell about laughing; Iraq had
just made a mistake that was going to beggar the nation. But two years on,
alarm bells were sounding; the euro was rising against the dollar, Iraq had
given itself a huge economic free kick by switching."

"America is so eager to attack Iraq now because of the speed with which the
euro fire could spread. If Iran, Venezuela and Russia join Iraq and sell
large quantities of oil for euros, the euro would have the leverage it needs
to become a powerful force in general international trade. Other nations
would have to start swapping some of their dollars for euros."

"Even if only a small part of the oil trade went euro, that
would do two things immediately:

* Increase the attractiveness to EU members of joining the 'eurozone', which
in turn would make the euro stronger and make it more attractive to oil
nations as a trading currency and to other nations as a general trading

* Start the US dollars flying home demanding value when there isn't enough
in the bank to cover them.

* The markets would over-react as usual and in no time, the US dollar's
value would be spiralling down.


America's response to the euro threat was predictable. It has come out

It aims to achieve four primary things by going to war with Iraq:

* Safeguard the American economy by returning Iraq to trading oil in US
dollars, so the greenback is once again the exclusive oil currency.

* Send a very clear message to any other oil producers just what will happen
to them if they do not stay in the dollar circle. Iran has already received
one message -- remember how puzzled you were that in the midst of moderation
and secularization, Iran was named as a member of the axis of evil?

* Place the second largest reserves of oil in the world under direct
American control.

* Provide a secular, subject state where the US can maintain a huge force
(perhaps with nominal elements from allies such as Britain and Australia) to
dominate the Middle East and its vital oil. This would enable the US to
avoid using what it sees as the unreliable Turkey, the politically
impossible Israel and surely the next state in its sights, Saudi Arabia, the
birthplace of al Qaeda and a hotbed of anti-American sentiment.

* Severe setback the European Union and its euro, the only trading bloc and
currency strong enough to attack the USA's dominance of world trade through
the dollar.

* Provide cover for the US to run a covert operation to overturn the
democratically elected government of Venezuela and replace it with an
America-friendly military supported junta -- and put Venezuala's oil into
American hands"


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