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[rohrpost] I - Highway - netart from Canada

>I - Highway< - Netart from Canada

 - new show on -

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(JAVA= Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

is happy to launch
>I - Highway< - Netart from Canada -
the new show
in the framework of  - 2nd of Java series 2002/2003.

Much more than any other art expression is net based art playing global.
This new feature on JavaMuseum is focussing again on a geographical, but
also cultural region: Canada!. A number of Canadian netartists are
internationally well known, but they are not identified with the nation they
belong to or live in, in so far is netart from Canada widely unknown, and
only this aspect would be already a reason for making this feature. Netart
from Canada is, however, not principally different from netart of other
regions on the globe as the codes, software and hardware correspond to the
global standard, the subjects and themes are mostly of global relevance.
This focus means also taking a look on what kind of position New Media art
has in this country. The link section of the feature has a reasonable volume
and confirms the impression that New Media art in general, but also net
based art working becomes increasingly relevant. A connected encouraging
effect of this feature would be intentional.

As an ongoing project, the show is based on an open call in Internet.
It will accept also in future at any
time submissions of new artists which are not yet presented in the
exhibition, in order to stay always most updated.

Currently following 22 artists form the basis of the show:

Michael Alstad, saibot & ssiess, Isabel Hayeur
 Babel, David Clark, Myron Turner, Robert Kendall
 Gustave Morin, Karen Ostrom, Gregory Chatonsky
 Barry Smylie, Kate Armstrong, Alison Chung-Yan
 Marc Tuters, Tara Bethune-Leamen, Richard Barbeau
 Jillian McDonald, Kelty McKinnon, Tomasz Konart
 Guerrera del Interfaz, Katie Bush, Oliver Dyens

Visit the new show >I - Highway<  - Netart from Canada

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Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(JAVA= Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

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