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[rohrpost] CONCRETE HEART a rock opera

Sparwasser HQ invites
to the video screening of

a rock opera

on Thursday, March 27. at 9 p.m. in the cinema in Z-bar,
Bergstrasse 2, just round the corner from Sparwasser HQ,
songs and lyrics by Røde Mor
directed by Frans Jacobi
produced by Frans Jacobi and Martin Kern 2002.
36 minutes, DVD-video.
CONCRETE HEART was originally produced by the Danish art group Røde Mor
Rock'n'Roll Circus in 1975, as a mixture of political theatre and rock concert.
Confronted by the new right wing government and the ice cold political climate
in Denmark 2002 visual artist Frans Jacobi produced a reinterpretation of
CONCRETE HEART in February and March 2002.
This new performance show ran for 6 evenings at i-n-k (institute of
contemporary art)
in Copenhagen. A mixed group of visual artists and musicians re-enacted 11 of
the original songs in a low budget off beat production. This video is another
interpretation of those 11 songs.
The original harsh political satire of CONCRETE HEART has in the new version
become more fragmented and disparate. In 11 images a story of a lonesome
heart broken man is told. After his sad divorce he experiences a long night
of paranoid hallucinations, where the good and evil forces of society struggle
to conquer his future.
Frans Jacobi is a Danish visual artist, born 1960 in Copenhagen. He works
with sculptural installations, photography and collages. CONCRETE HEART
is his first video production. All his his work has a strong narrative, focused
on problems of the lonely heart, sometimes with strong political overtones,
as is the case with CONCRETE HEART.

Frans Jacobi showed at Sparwasser HQ July 2000  in the group exhibition
"We want to believe"

The Concrete Hart video screening is an autonomous project and is not
part of the HEMAN CHONG and ISABELLE CORNARO exhibition "The End of
Travelling (Trip to Asiatown and Back)", opening tonight, March 26.
from 7 pm. at Sparwasser HQ, Torstrasse 161, Berlin Mitte.

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