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[rohrpost] Making of multitude-Rhetorik


Making of multitude-Rhetorik

# # = markiert

"When net activism and the global protest movement, all sorts of
counter activities and parallel events connect and #link up into a
strong and powerful conceptual framework#, one can indeed envision a
series of actions and activities, that reveal the a new potential of
struggling: Refusing and resisting both, war and info war, border
management and digital rights management, restrictions of the freedom
of movement and constraints of the freedom of communication. Let's
leave the false dichotomies between "real" and "virtual" behind us and
both shape and subvert the technologies that are now part of
everyone's life. [...] The activities around the WSIS [*] in December 2003
might look like the
freestyle dance of a #movement of movements#. While the representatives
of governments and non-governmental organizations do only talk about
#networking, we are going there to actually practice it#. When the
leaders of the nation-states negotiate about the digital divide, we
are struggling for free and unfettered access. As they shiver with
piracy, we are sharing our skills and capacities, resources and
experiences. Though the corporations desparetely try to control the
flows of material and immaterial goods, #we reclaim the world as the
invention and creation of the multitudes#." [...] Written and developed
by: Dee Dee Halleck, Michael Hardt, Jamie King,
Hagen Kopp, Susanne Lang, Geert Lovink, Florian Schneider, Pit
Schultz, Alan Toner and many other activists from Indymedia Centers
in Geneva and Switzerland, as well as France, Italy and Germany" (E-Mail,
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 13:56:24 +0100, Subject: <nettime> geneva03: g8 and
wsis, From: Florian Schneider <>, To:
* World Summit on the Information Society

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