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[rohrpost] Violence - Version 6.0 - Call for new entries

Violence Online Festival News

1. Version 4.1 - TURBULENCE Spotlight
2. Version 5.0
3. Version 6.0 - Call for new entries

1. On occasion of New York's TURBULENCE Spotlight on:
Agricola de Cologne and his Violence Online Festival
online since 4 March
Violence Online Festival launches Version 4.1
on 7 March 2003.
<see also press release from 4 March below>

Version 4.1 includes some new artists/works
among them Mark Palmer, Atana Dojonv, Igor Marinkovic and Roland Schappert,
and different additional changes.

2. On 17 March 2003, Version 5.0 of Violence Online Festival
will be launched.

4. Looking for new entries for inclusion in Version 6.0 to be launched on 4
on occasion of the participation in
1st New Media Art Festival Chiang Mai (Thailand) 4-15 April 2003.
Violence Online Festival is looking for new artists
reflecting violence. Special subject is this time "Rape".
Subject<war!!> is still ongoing, as well as violence of any kind.

You find the entry form for this current call on


TURBULENCE Spotligh ton: Agricola de Cologne

For Immediate Release
March 4, 2003
Turbulence Spotlight: Agricola de Cologne

“Agricola” stands for humanity, and the combination of art and humanism; the
city of Cologne stands for art and culture. Therefore, the brand "Agricola
de Cologne" stands for awareness of history, humanity, and new ways of
approaching art. Agricola's “brand” penetrates his art. Currently his works
are net-based and incorporate strong multimedia, collaborative and
networking components. The result is a universe of multifaceted sites and
art projects incorporated in the "NewMediaArtprojectNetwork" created by the

All three works on Turbulence point to interactive aspects of Agricola's
net-based works:

"[and_scape]" (2002) is based—like most of his individual works—on
Agricola's specific language of "Simultaneous Associative Media Art
Composing." In short, this associative working system uses and develops a
variety of different media simultaneously: in this case, programming, image,
voice, sound, music, and words/text. The work was inspired by texts of the
Chernobyl survivor Liubov Sirota.

"Family Portrait" (2001), a collaborative documentary, focuses on the three
female members of the Partnoy Family, all of them active as artists in
different disciplines, who escaped from the so-called Argentine Holocaust,
persecution and imprisonment.

Conceptually, "Violence" (2002-2003) is the most complex of the projects: it
is an ongoing online festival curated by Agricola in which more than 200
artists from 30 countries reflect on the phenomenon of violence. Their works
are embedded in the dynamic environment of a virtual media company,
"Violence Media Incorporated." “Violence” recently received the "Special
Prize of the Organisation Committee of Computer Space Festival 2002" Sofia


Agricola de Cologne is a multidisciplinary media artist, new media curator,
and creator of NewMediaArtprojectNetwork. He has had more than 100 solo
exhibitions in cooperation with more than 70 museums throughout Europe.
Agricola has participated in a variety of international media festivals
including THAW 02 Iowa City (USA), FILE Festival 2001, 2002 Sao Paulo
(Brazil), MediaTerra Festival, Athens (GREECE), and Art on the Net 2001,
2002. His net-based art works have received numerous prizes.

For more information about Turbulence’s projects, please visit

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