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[rohrpost] Fwd: opportunities from [Experimenta] Email Bulletin 28/2


1. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Short Sited 7 Film Festival
Deadline: extended to 12 March, 2003

The entry deadline for the Short Sited 7 Film Festival held in the Wollongong Botanic Garden has been extended by a week. This festival will take place on Saturday March 29th, 2003.

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2. CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival
Deadline: 12 March, 2003

The 4th Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival (7-10 August, 2003) is now recruiting volunteers to help with the preparation and running of the Festival. An information session will be held on 12 March at the Festival office at Level 1, 43 Brisbane St, Surry Hills. 

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Deadline: 14 March, 2003 

Call for proposals from young Australians. New writing and audio/video art needed for new DVD compilation titled Neopoetry. The neopoetry project of text/video collaboration is designed to document transient modes of written expression in a creative way that emphasizes the contemporary, reflexive qualities of the various forms. 
Solo and Group proposals are welcome. 
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Deadline: 15 March 2003

They are looking for contributions  of audio visual interactive  works, net  art,  web design, application  software,  multimedia, generative music, interactive environments, essays. Works may  take the form of art,  generative music,  interactive environments. They could  be described as  "new audio visual experiences", or multimedia experiments which explore  the parameters of  our  new media world. This  work  is for  a  new  website  update  and for  selected exhibitions. 

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5. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Visionfest 03
Deadline: 15 March, 2003 

The Third Guerrilla Film & Video Festival takes place June in NYC. Seeking (all genres): features, docs, shorts, experimental/animation, and works-in-progress/trailers.

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6. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Australian Film Commission
Deadline: 17 March, 2003

The AFC is the primary development agency for the Australian film,  television and interactive media industries.  The Industry and Cultural Development program supports activities and events that provide the wider Australian community with access to screen activities and are critical to the development of Australian filmmakers.  All applicants must refer to the new 2003 ICD Funding Guidelines. 

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7. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Melbourne International Film Festival
Deadline: 21 March, 2003

Australia's largest and longest-running film festival is now calling for short film entries for the 52nd Melbourne International Film Festival (23 July - 10 Aug 2003). The International Short Film Competition is the most prestigious in Australia, and a highly regarded short film competition in the Southern Hemisphere. 

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8. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Media Lab - Kunsthaus Graz
Deadline: 21 March 2003
Media Lab is looking for projects to incorporate in a media art lab from mid-2003
These should consist of proposals for a two year period of operation.  Submissions may be both from individuals and from groups. 

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9. CALL FOR SUBMISSION: SBS Independent & the AFC
Deadline: 21 March, 2003 

In partnership with the Australian Film Commission, SBSi are seeking 3 x 3 min pilots for animations series from experienced animation filmmakers. Please see AFC Guidelines STRAND T2 for full details. All applications must be to the AFC production round- T2 is held in one round only on 21st March 2003. The pilots need to work as stand alone films for broadcast as well as  indicate the series' potential. They are seeking projects that suit an adult  audience, preferably with a female skew, and a G classification. 

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Deadline: 28 March 2003 

The ANTI -event acts as a forum for radical arts, offering an alternative route for presenting non-commercial art outside the conventional mainstream channels. In choosing successful applicants the ANTI -event gives priority to fresh forms of artistic expression like environmental art, light, sound and installation work, as well as performance art. The ANTI -festival offers a venue for new and unexpected ideas to be realised in a city environment by means of environmental and live art. Artists are sought to fill the program with works that engage in interaction with city culture.

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11. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Asolo ArtFilm Festival
Deadline: 31 March 2003 

The Asolo ArtFilm Festival, held in Italy is a continuation of the "Festival  Internazionale del Film sull'Arte e di Biografie di Artisti"; set up in 1973 by the Treviso Provincial Council. Thirty years on, in the  light of advances in visual languages, the Festival is being relaunched under the name Asolo ArtFilm Festival, an international  showcase of cinema, television, video and info art. The competition has four main categories: Films on Art, Artists' Lives, Video  and Computer Art and Experimental Productions. 

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12. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Digital Resources for the Humanities  (DRH) 2003
Deadline: 31 March 2003 

The DRH conferences have established themselves firmly in the UK and international calendar as the major forum bringing together scholars, librarians, archivists, curators, information scientists and computing professionals in a unique and positive way, to share ideas and information about the creation, exploitation, management and preservation of digital resources in the arts and humanities.

Proposals for academic papers, themed panel sessions, posters and workshops are invited. Themes include: impact of access to digital resources on teaching and learning; igital libraries, archives and museums;  time-based media and multimedia studies in performing arts;  impact of network and televisual technologies on humanities research and education.

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13. JOB OPPORTUNITY:Professor of Video and Film
Deadline: April 1, 2003

The Savannah College of Art and Design seeks candidates for full-time faculty positions in the areas of film and television production for the Video/Film department. These faculty positions will focus on the following areas of concentration: Producing Feature Films and Television Programming, 16mm and 35mm Field Production, Cinematography and Digital Cinematography, Writing for Electronic Media, Documentary and Film and Television Studies. 

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14. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Stone Quarry Hill Art Park
Deadline: 1 April 2003 

Stone Quarry Hill Art Park is incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) educational organization with the dual mission of conserving the land while providing place for emerging and practicing artists in various media to create and present their work through exhibitions, performances or special events. They are now accepting exhibition proposals for the 2004 Exhibition Season in the Winner Gallery. Artists in all mediums are encouraged to apply. Proposals from curators are also welcome. Interested artists/curators should send an artist statement, resume, a one - two page description of exhibition proposal, 10 slides, and a slide list. 

To find out more email

15. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Deadline: 4 April

They  want bionic adventures, technorganic synthetic simulations, urban streetcapades, freestyling, filmathons, transhumanist forays, blood-sucking salutations, post-hop gratifications, chemical inspirations, virtual DIY emissions, digitally e-sensitized compulsions, anarchic, robotic, rabble rousing video vistas. 

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Deadline: 13 April 2003

PS122 Gallery, a not for profit exhibition space dedicated to providing exhibition and support services to emerging artists is accepting applications for 2 person and group exhibitions.  Individual artists are also encouraged to apply, they will be paired with another artist by the jury. 

Find out more at>

17. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 57th Edinburgh International Film Festival
Deadline: 17th April, 2003

The 57th Edinburgh International Film Festival is calling for Fiction & Documentary Shorts and Features, Animation and Mirrorball entries.   All submissions must be UK Premieres ie films will not have received a public screening in the UK before their screening at the 2003 Edinburgh International Film Festival (13-24 August). 

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18. CALL FOR PAPERS: Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau - V International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium
Deadline: 1 May, 2003

The International Colloquium Digital Art: Languages and Poetics will take place from June 17 to June 20. In addition to discussions focusing on the work included in the two exhibits, artists, scholars and critics will make presentations on the potentials and the limits of these new forms of artist expression, addressing these general themes: Challenges and Techniques of Digital Art; Digital Art: Traditions and Originality; New Languages, New Themes?

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Deadline: 01 May, 2003

The Northwest Electro-Acoustic Music Organization (NWEAMO) is currently seeking audience-interactive electro-acoustic works to include in its fifth annual international festival of electronic music. These works must rely on some form of audience participation to complete their execution. Interaction may be physical, intellectual, sensory, and/or other type, and it may be achieved through technological, entirely human, or other means. Works may be representative of all styles and aesthetics, from the classical avant-garde to the fringes of experimental pop

Find out more at Email

20.  CALL FOR ENTRIES: Antimatter
Deadlines: 2 May, 2003 (early Deadline)

Antimatter is an annual festival of innovative short film and video. Screenings are held in alternative venues in Victoria, British Columbia, situated on an island off the west coast of Canada, teetering on the edge of the world.  Productions must be independently produced, with the filmmaker retaining complete editorial control (i.e., no industrial, advertising, educational films, music videos). Productions must have been completed after January 1, 2001, and must be a Victoria premiere. Maximum running time is 30 minutes. 

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21. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Cultural Diversity Clusters
Deadline: 30 May 2003

Cultural Diversity Clusters are an initiative of the Australia Council's Arts in a Multicultural Australia (AMA) policy to enable networks of artists, groups and organisations to work together providing a strong environment for the research and development of art that reflects Australia's cultural diversity. 'Clusters' refers to groupings of organisations which come together to provide different skills, facilities and contacts. Cultural Diversity Clusters will involve the research, development and production of crosscultural and interdisciplinary artworks which explore processes that lead to new forms of artistic expression

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22. CALL FOR PAPERS: "The new 'others': western media and society post-9/11"
Deadline for articles: 31 May, 2003

September 11 (or "9/11") marks a watershed for a complex of issues to do with the relationship between the "West" and the Arab/Muslim  world.  Before September 11 2001 the 'othering' of the Arab-Muslim  world was already evident in Australia (the "Tampa incident", 
Lebanese "gangs" etc.), but after that date the discourse of fear and  otherness is given more of a pretext and includes, for example, the  "Children Overboard" affair and, tragically, the October 2002 bombing  of Western tourists in Bali. The media are a crucial factor in the construction of cultural  understandings of these events and issues.  In this issue of MIA we invite contributions exploring the media's role in constructing our  understandings of the Arab/Muslim world, especially in relation to recent events and contemporary issues such as: September 11, refugees and asylum seekers, terrorism, the war in Afghanistan, "regime change" in Iraq, anti-Western sentiments and, possibly, the impetus for the West to identify a new 'other' in the post-Soviet era.

To find out more contacts or

23. CALL FOR WORKS: 5th Short Film Festival g-niale
Deadline: 2 June, 2003

Order and chaos, stability and insecurity, trial and error, system and accident, clearness and blurredness, labyrinths and dead ends. g-niale is searching for films that discuss disorientation and uncertainty on a formal and content basis. Films that manipulate perception or take one’s orientation, films that talk about errors and a way out.  Students of film and art schools and professional filmmakers of all genres are invited to send their newly produced short films. 

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Deadline: 14 November 2003

BEAP 2004 will be produced in collaboration with the John Curtin Gallery, Studio for Electronic Arts, SymbioticA and SoundCulture, forming alliances with a wide range of Perth based cultural organizations, and will incorporate links with international new media arts events the Biennale of Electronic Arts, Ohio and ISEA.   The title of BEAP 2004 is ‘SameDifference’  which examines notions of ‘Difference’ and the ‘Denial of Difference’. The biennale will explore the technological transformation, transcendence and transmutation of our traditional knowledge systems which are currently being challenged by globalisation and rapid technological change.

Find out more at

25. CALL FOR ENTRIES: In the Realm of the Senses Outdoor Film Festival
Deadline; ongoing

Take your chance to screen your infectious storytelling spirit and diversity. Entries open to all formats including film and digital; all genres and lengths up to 30 mins. 

Find out more at or email

26. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Screamfest
Deadline: n/a

3rd Annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival & Screenplay Competition now seeking new independent horror films (features & shorts) and screenplays. 

Find out more at
27. CALL FOR SUPPORT: seeking african new media art activity]
Deadline: n/a

Digital/electronic artists, writers, facilitators, organisations!  There are a range of opportunities to profile digital/ electronic art / new media art activity in southern (and other parts of central/east and west africa) and therefore i am currently compiling a list of active individuals and organisation working in new media/ creatively engaging with new technologies. The focus of this networking process also serves to look at developing localized projects and resource sharing and  exchange possibilities that could give the new media art scene in these regions a much needed boost.

To find out more email or
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