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[rohrpost] SHIFT 073 UPDATE, DEC. 2002
timo.linsenmaier on Sat, 14 Dec 2002 10:25:04 +0100 (CET)

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[rohrpost] SHIFT 073 UPDATE, DEC. 2002

   S H I F T 0 7 3   U P D A T E   D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 2

   C O N T E N T S


   The comic artist Katsuki Tanaka made this month's unique cover 
   design.  Not only as a comic artist, but also he has been 
   expanding his field as a motion creator, and he has just released 
   the first DVD "Sunday".  How do you see Katsuki Tanaka's world? 


   Not only working as a device that links between artists and 
   cities in all over the world, but also "GAS" is always keen on 
   digging up hidden talents as well as providing them places to 
   let them express their creativity.  This is the design system 
   that creates new platforms where people can enjoy designs as 


   "Resfest", one of the world's largest digital film festival toured 
   on two cities in Japan at Laforet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo and 
   Namba Hatch, Osaka, from November 21 to December 1. 
   The development of the digital technology has brought a great 
   contribution to the idea of creators of any fields- music, art and 
   design. This is a report from Tokyo about its Japan tour.


   "Vasi Comunicati" (Communicating Vases) was an "initiative" 
   dealing with visual communication. Organized by the Venice City 
   Council, Cultural Activities Office in collaboration with Studio 
   Camuffo. Reporting on two exhibitions run by Vasi Comunicati.

   ART FUTURA 2002

   This year "Art Futura" has been his 13th edition and, for second 
   consecutive year, the festival has been celebrated in the city were 
   it was born: in Barcelona, Spain. (it was celebrated in Madrid for a 
   few years). It has become an important reunion for the digital
   hartists in Spain and Europe.


   Was "Macromedia DevCon" a success this year more than before?  
   I am not sure about this because I do not participate in this sort of 
   conferences often.  However, I can strongly admit that some of the 
   sessions were really sensational this time.  The conference was 
   held for two days, on (Tue.) 19th and (Wed.) 20th of November at 
   Cerulean Tower Tokyo Hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo.


   "Paintura" is an original brand, organised and designed by a creator 
   group "Stoique" that is specialised for graphic designs and motions.  
   This time, 13 artists get together in "Paintura" and an exhibition 
   about their works is going to be held with a support of  Puma.
   Participated artists: Ben Drury, David Foldvari, Espo, Genta Kosumi, 
   Kostas Seremetis, Kate Gibb, Mr. Jago, Reas, Reggie Pedro, Steff 
   Plaetz, Var, Will Barras.


   "Santa Project" is a volunteer project run by creators.  The creators 
   design products and profits of these products will donate to child 
   welfare homes.  Now, "Santa Package 2002" is ready and the package 
   is already available.  It contains creators' works CD-ROM, a booklet 
   about creators and a T-shirt.


   Katsuki Tanaka's first DVD "SUNDAY" has just been released.  The 
   DVD contains five short films, one special film and some motion 
   materials. Unlike his most important works "Baka Drill" and "Ossu! 
   Tonco chan", soft scenes, which make you feel something deep 
   inside of your heart, are spread out in this DVD.  You can enjoy the 
   world through a lens of Katsuki Tanaka.


   Usually, an issue is made up under a certain theme.  However, there 
   is no special title in this issue.  The small word "real" is the only
   one you can find at the left side on the first page.  Information and 
   Participated creators: Meikyo Shisui, Enanthate J Ornith, Hajime 
   Tachibana, Tsuyoshi Kusano, She One, Tsuyoshi Hirooka, Tetsuya 
   Nagato, Jeff Spacepod, ENDY, Hideki Inaba.

   JDAF 2003

   Many of talented creators have started out as a professional from 
   "Japan Digital Animation Festival" and the aim of this festival is 
   discovering youngstarts more. 
   You can now submit your work for the competition and prized works 
   will be announced at the festival held in June 2003. 
   The deadline is Monday the 31st of March 2003.


   Come and have fun with us at Dot Soso on the last Saturday of 
   every month. You can enjoy a creative taste that is collaborated by 
   creators from various genres of art.  The next event will be held on 
   Saturday the 28th of December.
   In the last Dot Soso in this year, we have "Slowly Minute" as a guest.
   "Slowly Minute." is a solo-unit of Mr Takahiro Chiba, who has 
   released CDs from a label "Childisk" run by Nobukazu Takemura.
   In Dot Soso#10, he will play with "Dream Land' Orchestra" and we can 
   expect him to show a new field of his world.  Do not miss a motion 
   installation by "Mogra", a creative team based in Sapporo as well.  
   Enjoy a collaboration of live music and motions.


   This month, new gallery space 'BIN' has launched on cooperation 
   with Abahouse International. BIN is a showcase and repository 
   for artworks in the digital era. It is intended as a place for 
   artists to exhibit and archive their digital artworks. 
   Future plans include compiling contributed artworks on 
   CD-Rom  and in printed catalogues and mounting exhibitions 
   in galleries worldwide. 
   Featuring Reed Kram, an American researcher and designer based 
   in Stockholm, Sweden


   What's happening around borderground? Correspondents for 
   Shift dwelling on the edge of the world contribute monthly to
   Info-World. Shift presents your direct source from the 
   borderground culture of the world.
   Check out fashion shop "ISA" in New York City and the interview 
   with Parisian musician "Programme", which will release the brand 
   new album on the 25th of January in Japan.  "The 1st Korea 
   International Poster Biennale" from Seoul, "Vancouver Underground 
   Film Festival" from Vancouver, the first monography exhibition of 
   an Austrian designer from Vienna, the exhibition at Conde Duque 
   Cultural Centre from Madrid, are also must to check.


   Brand new greeting cards designed by Chisato Shinya are ready. 
   This service is designed to give you the possibility of creating 
   a personal greeting page on the internet. Please give it a try!


   This issue's present is a visual free magazine "SAL magazine", 
   which just has been released in this November.  Participated 
   creators are; Meikyo Shisui, Enanthate J Ornith, Hajime Tachibana, 
   Tsuyoshi Kusano, She One, Tsuyoshi Hirooka, Tetsuya Nagato, 
   Jeff Spacepod, ENDY, Hideki Inaba. The deadline is the 31st of 

   For further information regarding advertisement, 
   please inquire at ad {AT} shift.jp.org

   Also please visit our advertising sites at:



  Taketo Oguchi for Shift Magazine

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