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[rohrpost] FW: Call for papers "Creating meaning in the digital era" /
Bernhard Rieder on Fri, 6 Dec 2002 16:30:03 +0100 (CET)

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[rohrpost] FW: Call for papers "Creating meaning in the digital era" / H2PTM'03 Septembre 24, 25, 26 2003 Paris (France)

Hi Rohrpostler,

Vielleicht interessiert der Call for Papers ja jemanden...



Dear colleagues

I have the pleasure of announcing the call for papers for the 7th
International conference Hypertext, Hypermedia; Products Tools and


To be held in September 24, 26, and 26, 2003 at the University of Paris
8 (France)

Following six H2PTM conferences, which were held in 1989, 1992, 1995,
1997, 1999 at the University of Paris 8 and in 2001 at the University of
Valenciennes, France, the Laboratory PARAGRAPHE of the University of
Paris 8, CIREN and the CITU are jointly organising the 7th conference
“H2PTM: Hypertexte, Hypermedia”. 

Objectives: The increasing demands of interdisciplinary work in
hypermedia techniques is at the heart of this conference. In effect,
hypertext and hypermedia techniques, linked to the “Internet wave”, have
become generally widespread.

After the first technological falterings, interactive on-line or
off-line publishing, and interactive creation, a dynamic mapping of
content shows a growing diversity in approaches with an explosion in
what is offered, an increasing interest from users, and a continuous
spread of programmes and services. In most of these developments,
whether they be for informational, pedagogic, or artistic ends, the
central issue is that of the creation of meaning: How can one highlight,
produce, manage, generate, etc. meaning in the era of universal
information networks.

Experiments and applications are now sufficiently numerous to attempt to
determine if the relative stability of interactive technologies produce
new writings and new languages. Besides, the recurring themes that
represents the framework of H2PTM, this 7th conference seeks to clarify
more deeply the link that are constructed between theoretical or
methodological choices, the techniques used and their consequences for
communication, writing and creativity.

A special focus is thus put on digital art in the era of Internet and
its impact on new objects that can be created in other domains
(teaching, arts and culture, commerce, advertising). 


February 7, 2003: declaration of intention to propose a paper

March 7, 2003 : final date for paper propositions

April 7, 2003: final date for propositions of exhibitions and workshops

More information (dates, committees, submissions, etc. ) can be found
about the conference at http://h2ptm.hymedia.univ-paris8.fr or directly
in a .pdf format at

For further information please contact:
Dr Fabrice Papy
Co-president of the H2PTM’03 programme committee
University of Paris 8
Laboratory Paragraphe, Department of Hypermedia
2, rue de la Liberté
93526 Saint-Denis Cedex 2
h2ptm03 {AT} univ-paris8.fr
tel: (33) + (0)1 + 49 40 68 62 or (0)1 + 49 40 67 58
fax: (33) + (0)1 + 49 40 67 83   

Dr. Michel Labour
Member of the H2PTM'03 programme committee
Laboratoire des Sciences de la Communication
Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis
Tel  : +33 (0)3  /  77.72
mailto:Michel.Labour {AT} univ-valenciennes.fr 

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