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[rohrpost] Danger Museum at inIVA news

Danger Museum at iniVA News:
    MUSEUM NEWSLETTER #14fromonline-printhouse.com. 
    With material from Danger Museum's project at inIVA 11.9 - 13.9. 02: Print 
    your own postcards: "Singaporeans" by Nicola Meitzner (Curated by Kyong Fa 
    Che). Order books and CD's from The Artists Village.

Week 3 at the Space@inIVA:18th September - 20th September 2002 Matze 
    Schmidt   Sebastian Stegner: two German artists use the space for 'real.-Mapping', 
    an ongoing research project that creates a global map of social life.

The Space@inIVA
Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA )
6-8 Standard Place, Rivington Street
London EC2A 3BE

open: Wednesday - Friday, 12noon - 6pm

+44 (0)20 7729 9616

Danger Museum

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