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[rohrpost] ARTISTS TALK on Tuesday

Artists talk

on Tuesday, the 10. September,
at 7 PM

Morten Schelde and Wolf von Kries

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   Morten Schelde:

I am in my apartment trying to write a text on my work. In the
background, the first Star Trek movie is running. A little while ago,
I was watching CNN’s preparations for the upcoming september 11.
Outside my open window was just a minute ago the sounds of a
weddingparty going on at the church across the street, playing the
wedding march and some songs of Nena and Joe Cocker.

These clashes of different realities is very much what my work is
about.  I like working with a diversity of pictures, collecting and
combining them. I am interested in the psychological and emotional
impact they have on me, and in the way pictures are dealt with in the
media and in art. How do we encounter them as individuals?
In general, I am interested in producing images reflecting an
individual voice, while trying to find underlying structures of what
ties us together in communities and larger groups.

Specifically, I have chosen drawing as my primary medium. I started
working with drawings because I like the slowliness and simplicity of
the process, and chose to work mostly  monochromatic after having
tried out doing fullcolour drawings...which turned out to look like
the work of 10 kindergarden-kids. Working in just one colour is to me
about emphasising the drawing as surface, and it gives me the
possibility to work with shifts of ambiences between the individual
drawings. Like the differences between CNN, Nena and Joe Cocker.
M.S. Berlin 8/9-2002    

   Wolf von Kries:

Bei den hier vorgestellten Arbeiten handelt es sich zumeist um
ortspezifische Interventionen, in denen die Funktionsweisen sozialer,
ökonomischer kultureller Strukturen hinterfragt werden. Dabei werden
bestehende Mechanismen oder Objekte durch kleine Eingriffe isoliert,
konzentriert oder simuliert und erhalten so eine von der
herkömmlichen Anwendung abgehobene Bedeutungsebene, die seine
Funktion zugleich auflöst und bestätigt.
Wolf von Kries lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.

Most of the presented works are site-specific interventions that
question in one way or the other the functioning of our social,
economical or cultural structures. They consist of little
manipulations of existing mechanisms or objects, which are either
isolated, concentrated or simulated thus adding a meaning beyond its
original function, which it affirms and dissolves at the same time.
Wolf von Kries lives and works in Berlin.

"structures", letzte Tag ist/ last day is 21. September

"the island and the aeroplane", Eröffnung am/ opening on 26. September

teilnahme am / participating in art forum berlin 2002, 26. - 30. September

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