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NYC0902 <http://www.kanonmedia.com/portfolio/nyc0902.htm> 	 

concept / drawings / visuals alexandra reill / 2002		 
the catastrophy of 11 / 09 / 01	 
seemed to be an eye-opening clash				
between the capitalist & the muslim	 
worlds. two completely different			
systems of society, economics	 			
& belief again opposing each other	 			
for philosophical & economic reasons.	 
NYC0902 relates to the 				
seemingly unending conflict				
as a war of the rich for				
power and capital and a war				
of the poor for equal rights,				
freedom of belief and 				
stable economics.				
it is a piece produced as 				
a consequence of NYC9202				
which was created in				
the beginning of 2002 				
when the shock occuring from				
the desctruction of the 				
world trade center and all				
its implications was still				
vividly alive. NYC0902 is 				
a direct transformation of the 				
piece produced then				
referring to actual sensual				
experiences relating to				
the state of our world				
one year after the catastrophy.				
too many truths are still 				
the same. the ongoing war 				
between the U.S. and the muslim world /				
recession / and environmental				
catastrophies have transformed 				
everybody's life in the 				
western world. images of poverty				
and suffering, of war and hunger				
cannot be erased from 				
anybody's mind. daily life				
is not the same any more.				
kanonmedia.com cannot				
believe in warfare but 				
definitely believes in 				
peaceful solutions and				
equal human rights 				
for everybody and				
every culture.

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