martin pi on Tue, 20 Aug 2002 17:05:14 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] x c o f f e e

x c o f f e e 

live-video-broadcast on

22.08.2002, 11:54h vienna time (GMT+02:00)


this is a celebration of the shutdown of the first
webcam on the net. just to remember everyone how
interesting the things are, that are streamed on
the web.

Several people have asked about the origins of the
Trojan Room coffee pot. It started back in the
dark days of 1991, when the World Wide Web was
little more than a glint in CERN's eye. I was
working on ATM networks in a part of the Computer
Lab known as the Trojan Room, (a name which,
perhaps, causes some amusement to American
readers). There were about fifteen of us involved
in related research and, being poor, impoverished
academics, we only had one coffee filter machine
between us, which lived in the corridor just
outside the Trojan Room.

die lösung dieses dilemmas war schnell
gefunden. mittels einer framegrabbing-karte
entstand in diesem labor die erste
webcam. pragmatisch. using a framegrabbing device,
a camera viewing the coffee pot was connected to
the local net. the client programm to view the
images was called xcoffee.

November 1993 : Dan Gordon modifies original
system to allow it to respond to web
requests. With Maryyn Johnson, he connects it to
the web, and XCoffee is transformed into the first

der verkauf der kaffeemaschine brachte 3350 dollar
ein und sie ist nun im besitz von spiegel
online. the coffee machine was sold to spiegel
online for 3350 dollars.

10.54 22 August 2001 : Coffee pot camera finally
switched off. 

aus anlass des 1-jährigen jubiläums der
abschaltung der kaffemaschine des trojan coffee
rooms streamt machfeld am 22. august 2002 live den
betrieb seiner kaffeemaschine. live anzusehen
unter mittels apple's quicktime
player / browser plugin. 

download this info as pdf file [ 172.484 Bytes ].

further information

i am very sorry if you receive this mail multiple
times since we had problems with the mail system
recently. martin

       martin pi
       johann strauss gasse 32|7  1040 vienna

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