Remo Vogel on Thu, 13 Jun 2002 23:04:05 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] fr/sa 14. & 15. juni : angenehm ev presents raggajungledub ausbrooklyn

verein angenehm macht 2 events dieses wochenende mit 3 new yorker djs
diesen .freitag. reggae/dub/dancehall lounge und
am 15.6. .samstag.  ragga/jungle/breakcore party ...
immer ab 22h

das DIVINYL ist in der torstrasse 136 neben dem xT34, ubahn/tram
rosenthaler platz ->;

verein angenehm



From:  "heartworm7" <hbsinc@h...>
Date:  Fri Jun 7, 2002  6:29 am
Subject:  Re: tour june july in europe: brooklyn beats (ripley
aaron.spectre crispin6million)

run, drive, crawl, hijack a bus, do whutever it takes to go see
these cats if they come through your area...
details, you ask(?)

DJane RIPLEY is a smart, smart lady, and it would be in your best
interests to go check her out in the hopes that some of her
wisdom may rub off on yer stunted brains...her ragga-jungle-
hiphop-danchall-breakcore-sets are notorious for injecting a bit
of funk and makin' even the most purist 4/4 hardcore assholes
shake their little asses...

AARON SPECTRE rocks the ill drum and bass, ragga jungle, idM/
glitchy shit like he was born with a fucking cross-fader in his
hand. aaron and i have been hosting the opiate experimental/
downtempo party here in nyC for the past few years, as well as
running opiate records (a division of together. if yer
luck enough to catch one of his rare LIVE performances, i
guarentee your jaw will hit the floor when he breaks out the
fucking hammered dulcimer...

CRISPIN SIX MILLION is a well respected, well liked figure on the
world's free party scene. this has equal parts to do with the fact
that he is a super nice guy, a complete lunatic, and that he
drops the illest breakcore and jungle you've ever heard...

sorry for all the gushing, glowing compliments, but these cats
are super awesome and yer a retard if you miss them...
(the heartworm)

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