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[rohrpost] SHIFT067 UPDATE, JUNE 02

   S H I F T 0 6 7  U P D A T E  J U N E? 2 0 0 2

   C O N T E N T S 


   The cover design of this month was created by Crew 6 from
   "Hyper Island" in Karlskrona, Sweden. This is an educational
   institution that provides knowledge of the new media
   industry and design skills. Shift has been paying a keen
   attention to their activities and we are happy to introduce
   you Crew 6, who made a great success of the first exhibition
   that was organised by students only in Hyper Island, in this
   month. Find out how the exhibition actually went and their
   two years in this school.  

   NEXT 02

   The existing things and things that we are looking for in the
   belief that they exist. Although it is unfortunate that we
   can't find these things when we want to, there is possibility
   in some degree that we don't get them. If the misfortune
   happens to many people, the people will be disappointed and
   gloomy. The media art in Tokyo is suffering this misfortune.
   Many people say, "The media art is boring and annoying." and
   the opinion is being fixed. It gains good reputation in London,
   New York, Linz and Taipei, etc, however, it is something dull
   in the center of media art.
   If people can find the things they are looking for, the
   misfortune will go away. And the unprecedented art event


   IdN celebrated its tenth anniversary with a bang during the
   third Fresh Conference in Singapore. The two-day conference
   brought together designers from across the globe. Almost
   three thousand delegates from over thirty different countries
   attended the conference to hear and see acclaimed designers
   from separate ends of the world showcase their work, share
   their personal interests, philosophies and influences.
   Bringing people together for a common passion.  


   The third edition of Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAF week),
   from 22 to 25 April, in the capital city of Argentina glittered
   with a light of its own and real inner poise.
   The local fashion fair, which took place at the traditional
   building of the Rural Society, showed a variety of colorful
   racks enlightened by young and alternative designer clothes.
   All of the assistants -visitors, buyers and designers- shared
   the same code of cool and trendy fashion.  


   Just a few coins let you enjoy art. The second "Time Capsule
   - Art Capsule Toy Project" will be launched this summer. The
   last project, which we featured in SHIFT 063, had an ace-high
   reputation, therefore the project has more expectations this
   time. Ms. Machida from Sony Creative Products Inc. told us
   about the direction of the project. 


   We are in the time of digital media. Designs, movies, music....
   Creators are now able to create anything with a desktop. This
   is fantastic progress in terms of "efficiency" and it makes
   me feel the future is waiting for us with good things.
   However, are all aspects of digital media really good?


   The first ever 120Seconds.com Digital Film Festival features
   online and live screenings of 15 diverse digital short films,
   live music from indie favorites, and parties in the glittering
   seaside city of Vancouver. Check out this online showcase of
   digital film talent.


   The name of this event "Flash Forward 2002 New York" tells
   you everything about the event. It is all about Flash. The
   developments of Flash never stop going forward and the
   strongest application, Flash MX has recently been released.
   The event was held in Amsterdam in last year. The stage in
   this year is New York City. The event will last for three days
   on 10th - 12th of July, 2002. 

   SONAR 2002 

   The festival season of advanced music and multi-media art
   has come. Sonar will be held for three days. This is the event
   that features the most relevant artists within Spain and
   other countries with the newest developments. Ninety DJ
   performances, more than 80 concerts, 65 films, installations,
   Net art, designs and others will be presented.  


   IdN is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. "IdN My
   Favourite Conference" is going to be held in Hong Kong for
   this anniversary. 
   Speakers from all over the world will give speeches about
   their favourite designs in daily life and philosophy, beliefs,
   lifestyle and attitudes of each person will be revealed.
   Participated artists are Michael Place, Delaware, Hideki
   Inaba, James Jarvis, Karim Rashid, M/M (France), Yoshitomo
   Nara (Japan).  


   "Upload" is a competition that showcases individuals' idea as
   a go-between. The entry for the 2nd Upload Online Media
   Award has already started.
   The categories are Multimedia, Short Film, DJ Mix, Short
   Story. The prise money for each category is from $1,500. The
   deadline is the 1st of July. 

   TEKKO 02

   The second exhibition of "Tekko", which showcases the works
   of designers from a genre of "design", will be held in this
   summer. Tekko is a free place where designers can express
   their thoughts and work. It is an energetic exhibition under
   the strong belief to push the limit of design.
   Participated designers and design studios are Buro Destruct,
   Matt Owens, Rinzen , Planet Pixel and GWG from Japan 


   "Asia Digital Art Awards" is a competition with the aim of
   sending intelligence and diffusing digital art & design from
   Asia to the world. It has been started since last year. The
   categories are divided into two: Category A "Digital Art &
   Design" and Category B "Entry Class". There are also several
   sections in each category. The winner for Asian Digital Art
   Grand Prize will receive a certificate of merit, a trophy and
   supplementary cash prize 1 million yen. The deadline is
   Thursday the 27th of June. 


   This month, new gallery space 'BIN' has launched on cooperation 
   with Abahouse International. BIN is a showcase and repository 
   for artworks in the digital era. It is intended as a place for 
   artists to exhibit and archive their digital artworks. 
   Future plans include compiling contributed artworks on 
   CD-ROM  and in printed catalogues and mounting exhibitions 
   in galleries worldwide. 
   Featured '4 short interactive pieces' made by Tree-Axis from
   San Francisco in USA.  


   Featuring street fashion photos in ever changing Tokyo. One 
   of the popular features, 'Tokyo Cutie Girls' returns!


   What's happening around borderground? Correspondents for 
   Shift dwelling on the edge of the world contribute monthly to
   Info-World. Shift presents your direct source from the 
   borderground culture of the world.
   This month features: 'Cellphones and Computers' from Milan,
   an exhibition at 'Marat Guelman Gallery' from Moscow, 
   a new contemporary art space 'Le Plateau' from Paris, make 
   'Bath Towel' for Parco from Tokyo etc...


   Soso Cafe is a gallery-cafe-restaurant produced by Shift. It
   is available to purchase the design products, which are dealt
   at Shift Factory, in the cafe. Also, an event will be held once
   a month as well as displaying works at the gallery space on
   the wall. The Internet service is available, too. Of course, you
   can order meals at the cafe.
   Dot Soso#3 will be held on 29th June.


   Brand new greeting cards designed by Saas Fee are ready for
   you. This service is designed to give you the possibility of
   creating a personal greeting page on the internet for any
   special person you like. Please give it a try!


   Now you can search any contents within Shift through Google.
   Where's that article? Where's the information you're looking
   for? Try it now!

   For further information regarding advertisement, 
   please inquire at ad@shift.jp.org

   Also please visit our advertising sites at:



Taketo Oguchi for Shift Magazine

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