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[rohrpost] found--or put there for you to find?

"Zueckerstueckchen in einen Kaefig getan oder einen einen
Keiderhaken auf den Boden genagelt oder ein Fahhrad auf einen Stuhl."

These too are examples of objects in the world that were _not_ created by
other artists. (I would have thought that these are rather well-known.) It
is one thing to perceive artistic quality in an object that was not
previously thought to be an art object; it is another to perceive the
artistic quality that was created by an artist and conveyed by his, her
or their artwork--that is, put there for you to find. That is why I find
mixing derivative.

(I realize we are heading straight for a discussion of whether or not
playing your favorite recordings in an arrangement chosen by you is art.
To that proposal I say, Have a Nice Day.)

Thanks to Peter for the technical explanation of synchronization, and the
technical comparison with programs that synchronize visual or kinetic
material (sometimes on the fly) on the fly with sound. The
visual/kinetic/sound synchronizations
are technically comparable with mixing prerecorded music and prerecorded
music, as Peter rightly explains. I see a difference
however in the content, which in the v/k/s synchs are created (often live)
for and through the new artwork. These are not mixes of pre-existing

The other issues Peter brought up, about copyright law and remuneration,
seem to interest many people. My own concern is rather with an artistic
assessment of remixing.

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