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[rohrpost] FW: Postmarked: A Mail Art Project (for contacts from Lorne Falk)

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Betreff: Postmarked:  A Mail Art Project (for contacts from Lorne Falk)

Dear Monika Fleischmann

We are a group of design students at the School of the
Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, USA.  Lorne Falk
recommended that we contact you in regards to our
project that follows.

The events that occurred on September 11, 2001
prompted us to initiate a visual dialogue with other
nations in regards to the worldwide problem of
terrorism. To facilitate this dialogue we designed
Postmarked: A Mail Art Project.

As we discussed the ideas behind the project, the
following questions were raised: Who is a terrorist?
How does one view a terrorist?  What is an act of
terrorism?  We decided to focus on addressing these

In an effort to acquire a diverse group of responses,
we have compiled a database of countries and areas
categorized as having been exposed to non
state-sponsored acts of terrorism in the past 25
years. We decided to send packages of ten postcards to
five art schools in each of the more than eighty-five
countries, inviting a response. Art schools are the
primary focus because we are looking for a visual
response. We hope to spark a visual dialogue with our
peers in other countries.

In the end, our intention was to create a postcard
design that would invite the recipient to respond and
therefore create a correspondence that involves many
different participants, from many different nations,
all commenting on a universal issue.

We are currently mailing the postcards to institutions
of learning worldwide. We hope that our design will
inspire people from all over the globe to write, draw,
paint on, manipulate, or even create a new card, all
to be sent back to us. We will host an exhibition of
the responses in September 2002.

We are currently looking for artists who would like to
participate in the project. We are especially looking
for contacts at art institutions and thought you might
have some contacts either in Germany or other parts of
the world. If you can provide even one name and email
address, it will be very helpful.

In addition, if you or anyone else you know would like
to participate, please let us know, as it would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you for you time and interest in our project.

Postmarked: A Mail Art Project

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