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The 25th São Paulo Bienal presents an international section on net art
curated by Rudolf Frieling from the Center for Art and Media (ZKM).
March 23 to June 2

For the international section of the 25th São Paulo Bienal, 11 Internet
based projects have been selected in relation to this year's overall
topic "iconography of the metropolis". Far from simply exemplifying this
topic literally by referring mainly to the notion of an "icon", the
selection reflects currents and trends that permeate urbanity in all its
manifestations, attitudes that often take the form of open and temporary
networks, communities, collaborations  and fields of action. What
artists working with the Internet are specifically interested in, can be
coined "new dynamic tools" for engaging in the city and the society. The
projects assembled are an indication of the range of works situated in
the net including the urge to visualize different stories embedded in
the open dynamics of our contemporary society. The projects selected
help to envision the complexity and the diversity of urban environments
while they develop as well as question the need for participatory strategies.
Rudolf Frieling

Projects by Heath Bunting & Olia Lialina; calc & Johannes Gees; Carol
Flax & Trebor Scholz; gruppo A12 & Udo Noll & Peter Scupelli; Marina
Grzinic & Aina Smid; Kristin Lucas; Francesca da Rimini; STANZA; Shi
Yong; Jody Zellen; in addition the Bienal commissioned a net project by
Roberto Cabot.

This international section is accompanied by a selection of Brazilian
projects, curated by Christine Mello (Schoool of Comunication and Art,
University of São Paulo) and, for the most part, commissioned for the
25th Bienal.

Rudolf Frieling
Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
Lorenzstr. 19
D 76135 Karlsruhe
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