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[rohrpost] (Fwd) Zensur: "Australia - Global Village Idiot"

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Zensur: "Australia - Global Village Idiot"

"Das Internet ist kein Film, kein Computerspiel und auch nicht so etwas wie 
Fernsehen" sagte Irene Graham von Electronic Frontiers Australia aus 
gegebenem Anlass zum wiederholten Mal. Als das Zensurgesetz 
"Broadcasting Services Amendment Bill", das Sendeschluss und Programme 
für Erwachsene auch im Internet regeln soll, 1999 verabschiedet worden war, 
gab es Demonstrationen in verschiedenen Städten in AU unter dem Motto 
"Australia - Global Village Idiot"


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"NSW plans to censor the internet have been under scrutiny during two days 
of public hearings in Sydney.

"The Standing Committee on Social Issues is inquiring into whether the 
Classification Enforcement Amendment Bill provides an effective and 
enforceable way to regulate online material. 

"But a number of industry and consumer groups warned that the proposed 
legislation discriminates against material published online and was 
unworkable. ...

"Electronic Frontiers Australia executive director Irene Graham said the Bill 
tried to force internet content into a regime designed for the commercial sale 
and distribution of movies, videos and games. 

"'The internet is not a movie, it is not a computer game and it is nothing like 
television,' she said. 'It is just not going to work.'

"The legislation treated people using the internet 'quite differently, less fairly 
and less justly under criminal law' than that applicable to speech and 
distribution of information offline. 

"'There is a vast amount of material that this Bill can catch,' she said. 

"'This is going to cover actual discussions in chatrooms and on email lists.' 

"'We are especially concerned about what is, in effect, a complete ban on 
information that would be classified as "R" rating.' ...

"The hearings took place last week. The committee is due to report to the 
NSW Parliament by June 7." 

See Karen Dearne, "Public eyes censorship plans," The Australian, March 
13, 2002 at


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q/depesche taeglich ueber 
zivile freiheiten im netz

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