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[rohrpost] SHIFT064 UPDATE MARCH 2002

   S H I F T 0 6 4   U P D A T E    M A R C H  2 0 0 2

   C O N T E N T S

   I N T E R V I E W   W I T H  T E N

   The cover of this month was designed by Ten, whom used
   be a member of Delaware, based in Tokyo. He has been
   expanding his unique world in designing CDs and records'
   sleeves, magazines, webs, with using dots/pixels. His
   style makes feel us the modernity and Japanese taste.
   What is he looking further as keeping Ten-style?

   M I L I A  2 0 0 2

   Cannes, February 2001 Each year,Milia stands in Cannes.
   This world's interactive content market is an event
   where  professionals can manage their buisness in online
   entertainment for Internet, wireless and interactive TV.
   But it's also time to discover original and creative content.

   C O D E X  3

   Codex Series is a combination CD-ROM that is shared as
   a laboratory to present artists' works with using degital
   media. Codex Series provides the presentation place for those
   works as well as focusing on the technical and
   creative changing that happens around us. Features the works
   of14 artists, such as The OFP, K10K, Norm, Rinzen,
   Elikirstudio and more.

   M E  C O M P A N Y - L U M I N O U S

   Me Company is well- known by creating the CD sleeve of
   Bjork or the promotion video. They are now able to hold
   their own exhibition around the world and their first
   design book "Luminous" has just released. What process do
   this art elites take when they create variety of creative
   works? Interviewed with the producer/concept
   developer, Alistair Beattie.

   G O  B A C K  2 D  E X H I B I T I O N

   The opening party of the exhibition called "GO BACK 2D"
   was held on the 2nd of February, 2002 at Global Cafe,
   located at Piccadilly in the centre of London. This exhibition
   was a collaboration of six artists, such as Imai Toonz,
   Matt Sewell, Pete Fowler and more. Report this party by one of
   the invited artist, Baku.

   T I M E  C A P S U L E  E X H I B I T I O N

   Time Capsule Exhibition has been held at Soso Cafe in
   Sapporo.  Gacha-Gacha, a toy vending machine, are
   displayed with many figures designed by Jim Woodring,
   James Jarvis, Pete Fowler, Groovisions and Hitoshi Odajima.
   The machines are placed quadrilateral at the centre of the
   cafe under the poster of each artist. The figures,
   original  pictures and sketches also can be looked. The
   limited original goods, such as T-shirts, bags and stickers
   are available as well.

   S S B  D E S I G N  C O M P E T I T I O N

   Sapporo is a base of Shift as well as a vocational school
   called Sapporo School of Business (SSB). The graphic
   design competition is held for the opening spread pages of
   this school's information booklet with the theme of
   "a bright  future environment that creators imagine." This
   theme is divided into three categories, "city", "job" and
   "office."  The prize money for each category's work is
   100,000 yen. The deadline is the 10th of March 2002.

   N E U T. 0 0 2

   Neut.002 will be released on the 28th of February. Neut. is an
   art book contained with a variety of art categories from
   designers such as music, fashion, interior and signdesign.
   More than thirty artists with Asyl Design as a leader
   gathered for this project. The works in the last issued were
   independent ones. On the other hand, you will see that they
   have expanded their fields by making many collaborated
   stages in this issue. In addition to this, the works implies the
   points of contact between the artists and people around them
   and organisational activities. Be amazed by the fantastic

   R E S F E S T  D V D

   Resfest is the global digital festival that goes around the
   world every year from San Francisco as the start point. The
   festival came to Tokyo and Osaka in the last year as well and
   you might be the one of them who went there. The very best
   eighteen works from Resfest have been recorded in this
   "Resfest DVD." Recommend this DVD for those who could not
   take part in this event or who want to know the modern
   digital short film, which has continuously changing itself day
   by day.

   I D N   F R E S H C O N F E R E N C E   S I N G A P O R E

   IdN Fresh Conference Hong Kong and Sydey fishised
   successfully with the five-thousand-attendees in 2001. This
   exciting event is coming back to "the Asian creative
   community city" Singapore in this April. Inspiring, educating
   and empowering participants is the aim of this conference.
   Many talented professionals will be invited this conference
   as speakers. You will be able to get to know thier unique
   views about "creative" at the session.

   A R T  G A L L E R Y  B I N

   This month, new gallery space 'BIN' has launched on cooperation
   with Abahouse International. BIN is a showcase and repository
   for artworks in the digital era. It is intended as a place for
   artists to exhibit and archive their digital artworks.
   Future plans include compiling contributed artworks on
   CD-ROM  and in printed catalogues and mounting exhibitions
   in galleries worldwide.
   Featured 'Spacemath' made by Gustavo Valga, based in Spain.

   T O K Y O   C U T I E   G I R L S

   Featuring street fashion photos in ever changing Tokyo. One
   of the popular features, 'Tokyo Cutie Girls' returns!

   I N F O - W O R L D  0 5 4

   What's happening around borderground? Correspondents for
   Shift dwelling on the edge of the world contribute monthly to
   Info-World. Shift presents your direct source from the
   borderground culture of the world.

   G R E E T I N G   C A R D

   Brand new greeting cards designed by Saas Fee are ready for
   you. This service is designed to give you the possibility of
   creating a personal greeting page on the internet for any
   special person you like. Please give it a try!

   S E A R C H

   Now you can search any contents within Shift through Google.
   Where's that article? Where's the information you're looking
   for? Try it now!

   P R E S E N T

   Present the stickers designed by each artist from Time Capsule
   Exhibition, which is featured in this issue, for 20 people.
   There are two types of sets, A and B. Both of them contains
   five stickers as a one set (designs are different). 10 people
   for each set. The deadline is the 31st of March.

   For further information regarding advertisement,
   please inquire at ad@shift.jp.org

   Also please visit our advertising sites at:



Taketo Oguchi for Shift Magazine

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