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dear all, visit our new project <<< new media line >>>
featuring such interesting net.art pieces as 
amorphoscapes by stanza <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/stanza1.htm> / 
ICOn_Portraits by Carlo Zanni [a.k.a. beta] <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/zanni.htm> / 
merry-go-round by Gudrun Kemsa <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/kemsa.htm> / 

AfterSherrieLevine.com / AfterWalkerEvans.com by Michael Mandiberg <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/mandi.htm> / 
Berlin by Gudrun Kemsa <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/berlin/berlin.htm> / 
sPACE, Navigable Music by LAB[au] <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/labau.htm> / 
NewZoid by Daniel Young <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/young.htm> / 
The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project by Brad Brace <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/brace.htm> / 
Ethnic Software by Yevgeniy Fiks <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/fiks.htm> / 
Heart Time / Time Heat by Valery Grancher <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/grancher.htm> / 
Spawn_Kill by Fakeshop/(jeff gompertz) <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/fake.htm> / 
pecker by computer fine arts <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/pecker.htm> / 
vib~ratio~n by Reiner Strasser/ Octavia Davis / Bill Marsh <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/vibration.htm> / 
never wake up by Agricola de Cologne <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/agricola1.htm> / 
project hope by Reiner Strasser / Annie Abrahams / Alan Sondheim <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/hope.htm> / 
Identity of Colour by Agricola de Cologne <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/agricola2.htm> / 
Hans - a true story by Agricola de Cologne <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/agricola3.htm> / 
xena by computer fine arts <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/xena.htm> / 
Museum of the Mind by Doctor Hugo <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/hugo1.htm> / 
cities by judson <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/judson.htm> / 
symbiosis by Eric Deis <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/deis.htm> / 
Why did you let them change you by Franklin Joyce & the teens <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/joyce.htm> / 
sitting by Eunji Cho <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/cho.htm> / 
line by Melinda Rackham <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/rackham.htm> / 
hollyland by computer fine arts <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/hollyland.htm> / 
'code scares me' by Jessica Loseby <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/code.htm> / 
'wolf' by Jessica Loseby <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/wolf.htm> / 
interactive poem / etkilesimli siir by Genco Gulan <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/gulan.htm> /
WebArt I by Fransje Jepkes <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/jepkes.htm> / 
opening day by Red Ed <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/reded.htm> / 
Digital Totem Poles by Rick Doble <http://www.kanonmedia.com/news/nml/doble.htm>
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