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[rohrpost] Call for the GLOBAL POETRY DAY March 21 2002 and Karenina Niuszzzz

21 marzo 2002 /  March 21   2002  GIORNATA MONDIALE DELLA POESIA   / GLOBAL
Pomoted by Unesco, National Association of Writers (Italy), European
Writers' Congress
In this contest   is organizing a global poetry  NET-happening
/ work in progress
for the international experimental poetry!
Send to the redaction address: your poems, writing in the
subject: "global poetry".
Are welcome: texts ( NOT as attached file), visual poems, videopoetry and
animated poetry frames, performance-poetry photos (all this as attached gif
or jpg), photos of every thing is (by the poet judgment) "poetry", this
means also objects, persons, faces, actions and others...
A site is under construction. Exhibition of all the arrived virtual
materials are foreseen (place to define)

Appuntamento on line con per la poesia sperimentale. Indirizzo
cui inviare le poesie: Subject: "poesia globale". Inviare:
testi poetici, frames tratti da videopoesie, foto di performance e di poesie
visive, e di qualunque cosa meriti (a insindacabile giudizio del poeta) la
definizione di poesia...
Un sito è in  costruzione. Sono previste mostre del materiale arrivato (in
luoghi da definire)

Karenina Niusszzz!

Milan: NEW YORK RENAISSANCE - From Whitney Museum of
American Art (Italian / English)

Art: Alcune divagazioni su Calogero Barba    Di Eugenio Miccini (Italian

Electronic Art: PEACE TOWER - Electronic images in Rome - Electronic Art
Biennial curated by
Marco Maria Gazzano.   Italian / English
TORRE DELLA PACE Immagini elettroniche d'artista a Roma - Biennale di arti
elettroniche a cura
di Marco Maria Gazzano
Electronic artists: Adriana Amodei, Laurie Anderson,
Lorenzo Bianda, Robert Cahen, Peter Callas, Peter D'Agostino, Alba D'Urbano,
Caterina Davinio, Theo Eshetu, Ida Gerosa, Lynn Hershman, Shigeko Kubota,
Federica Marangoni, Fabio Mauri, Nam June Paik, Fabrizio Plessi, Ulrike
Rosenbach, Mario Sasso, Studio Azzurro, Gianni Toti, Steina Vasulka, Woody
Vasulka, Katsuhiro Yamaguchi and others.

Exhibitions / Monsters:
Mostre/Mostri: Luca Patella: "Exegi monumentum aere perennius" (I built a
monument more perennial than the air...)

Poesia visiva / Visual Poetry : Lamberto Pignotti Terzo Millennio

Net art: Caterina Davinio "Paint From Nature" (Copia dal vero):
Italian / English

Copertina: videoartisti Carloni - Franceschetti

KARENINA.IT (poetry in "fàtica" function) A web project by Caterina Davinio on line since 1998  -  By Jakobson, 'fàtico' is the use of
the language which has the finality to maintain open and operative the
communication channel among the interlocutors. On the confine between art
and critic, happening and net performance, is a virtual meeting
place around the theme of the writing and the new technologies, in which
experiences of international artists, curators, theoreticians converge, in a
net that counts thousands of contacts in the world.
Davinio Art Electronics - Archives / Videotheque

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