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[rohrpost] job: practical computer interface construction, Bauhaus Dessau

bauhaus dessau: technical assistant wanted
(please forward this mail)

In the coming 2002 trimester at the postgraduate interdisciplinary design
course at the Bauhaus-Kolleg in Dessau we will experiment with practical
computer interface construction. To design and to support this course we
need help by an assistant (1 person).

The workshop will take place in the term between feb12th and may1th 2002.

This job will require occasional physical presence at the Bauhaus in Dessau
(approx. a total of 8 days) plus the monitoring and occasional advice on the
ongoing work from the distance.

The assistant will have to provide technical assistance and advise on topics

- reconfiguring and tuning standard computer interface devices for
customized purposes
- connecting computers, sensors, micro-controllers, output devices,...
- writing and customizing software, drivers
- finding the right hard- and software components and the places to get them
- electro-mechanical issues
Prior advice will also be needed for the design of the general workshop
design: defining topics and research goals in regard to technology already
available at the Bauhaus, participants experience & skills and the focus of
the general research work done at the Bauhaus-Kolleg.

workshop language is english!

in short:
+ workshop in practical computer interface construction (PIC)
+ mapping space or man action into computer behavior
+ the PIC will be part of the bauhaus-dessau interdisciplinary post graduate
course. Most of the 12-20 participants come from a design, architecture or
art background.
+approximately 8 workshop days at Dessau + 4h/Week tele-support throughout
trimester duration (feb.12 thru may 12st 2002).

for more information contact:

tim edler
bauhaus-kolleg dessau

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