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[rohrpost] SHIFT061 UPDATE, DEC. 2001

      S H I F T 0 6 1    U P D A T E    D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 1

   C O N T E N T S

   I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   M O C C U

   The cover of this month was designed by Moccu, a young
   design agency based in Berlin, Germany which is run among
   others by Jens Schmidt.
   Here you can find a whole world of different characters based
   in a surrealistic environment. It all seems to be a bunch of
   organic live which developed out of tin and plastic.
   Everywhere one goes one finds interactive games like the
   Moccu reef and the moccu lab. We asked moccu about their
   work and the future of experience environments.

   D S O S 1

   After having established its reputation as guide to the weird
   and wonderful world of contemporary design, the
   berlin-based graphic design e-zine Designershock now has
   brought out their first book, published by Die Gestalten,
   Germany. Not only their extravagant optics, also the numerous
   interviews and features with the most prominent players of
   the international design community.

   8 0 0 * 6 0 0

   Dream Interactive, a Budapest-based design company, has
   recently been voted one of the Top Ten agencies of Hungarian
   webdesign. In spring 2000, dream.design brought out Inertia,
   Hungary's first webdesign focused infosite with daily updated
   news. At the moment, they are working hard to bring out
   800*600, a graphic design album featuring the world's
   leading designers. We spoke to Peter Hamza, one of Dream
   Interactive's key figures.

   C T R L   S P A C E   E X H I B I T I O N

   In Germany last month a much noticed exhibition has opened
   its doors. Karlsruhe's ZKM (Center for Art and Media), is
   staging 'Ctrl Space', the first large scale event on the
   rhetorics of surveillance, including 59 artists in one huge
   show. Wandering through ZKM's atriums, one discovers various
   ways the artists approach the topic of surveillance.

   S A L   E X H I B I T I O N

   Electric Sal, the Tokyo- based design-, music-, art-,
   computer-, and creative-ezine. And also now only the third
   issue is out, this time under the topic of 'Faces', Sal Magazine
   has quickly become renowned for featuring a number of
   creators important in both the japanese and international
   design scene. Flipping through the pages, one finds funky
   design, full page fotographs, double page graphics, and all
   mixed with some interesting articles and others. Let's now
   really take a stroll through Sapporo over to Soso Cafe and
   have a look at their exibition.

   G A S D V D 2

   GasDVD2 was released on November 22th. It focuses on the
   visual works that have been included in the past Gasbook
   series and recompiles them into a DVD. This is the second
   edition of the DVD series. It features the works of 10 artists
   - Tomato, tDR, H5, Katsuki Tanaka, Alex & Martin, Runwrake,
   Namaiki, Why Not Associates, Skot and Power Graphixx. The
   catalogue, package design and art direction was done by
   Hideki Inaba as well as the first edition.

   F L A S H F O R W A R D   A M S T E R D A M

   This year the international internet festivals were very hot.
   Full of talent designers a multimedia developers searching
   for new concepts and the final conformation of a worlwide
   language in web design. Flash Forward 2001 one of the most
   important meetings of the year landed in Amsterdam the last
   month, with three fully days of great presentations and

   D E S I G N   I N D A B A

   From February 27th to March 1st, 2002 the 5th International
   Design Indaba takes place in Cape Town. Since seven years,
   the International Design Indaba has grown to become a major
   event on the global design calendar. The fifth, now as long as
   3 days, will be the biggest yet. The underlying theme for this
   conference has always been: Design In The Service Of

   W W W H A T   A W A R D

   One year after the last Macromedia web contest was
   launched, now the time has come to subscribe to the 01/02
   event. This years' award is again organized by IdN. If you live
   in the Asia-Pacific region this is the chance to show your
   work and get international attention. The contest surely is
   going to show lots of interesting new web projects, so that
   the world will get an impression of contemporary asian
   pacific web design. The competition will be closed on 31
   January 2002.

   T H I N K   T H E   E A R T H

   The earth is surrounded by twenty two creations. Twenty-two
   creators full of of ideas gathered under the theme of "Think
   the Earth". By Inviting Mr Naoki Sato, who is the executive in
   Asyl Design, as an art director, this project was held as a
   collaboration with the second issue of the design magazine
   Neut (which is edited by him). Many creators who have been
   featured in Neut participated in this project. The
   participating creators are: Keishi Ito, Enlightenment, Katsuki
   Tanaka who has been contributing to Gasbook, Naohiro Ukawa,
   Level 1 and others.

   A R T  G A L L E R Y  B I N

   This month, new gallery space 'BIN' has launched on cooperation
   with Abahouse International. BIN is a showcase and repository
   for artworks in the digital era. It is intended as a place for
   artists to exhibit and archive their digital artworks. Future plans
   include compiling contributed artworks on CD-ROM and in printed
   catalogues and mounting exhibitions in galleries worldwide.
   Altzero 3 by Squid Soup, London is featured this month.

   T O K Y O   C U T I E   G I R L S

   Featuring street fashion photos in ever changing Tokyo. One
   of the popular features, 'Tokyo Cutie Girls' returns!

   I N F O - W O R L D  0 5 1

   What's happening around borderground? Correspondents for
   Shift dwelling on the edge of the world contribute monthly to
   Info-World. Shift presents your direct source from the
   borderground culture of the world.
   This month features: 'Interger Hong Kong Pavillion' from Hong
   Kong, the desital festival 'What Do You Want To Do With It?'
   from London, the design event 'The First Design-technology
   Meeting in Hamburg' from Hamburg, the museum 'The Espacio
   Uno' from Madrid, 'Worms Festival' from SIngapore, the fashion
   brand 'W.M.E.V.V.J.' from Amsterdam, the event featured Shynola
   'Sound Republic 2' and others.

   G R E E T I N G   C A R D

   Brand new greeting cards designed by Saas Fee are ready for
   you. This service is designed to give you the possibility of
   creating a personal greeting page on the internet for any
   special person you like. Please give it a try!

   S E A R C H

   Now you can search any contents within Shift through Google.
   Where's that article? Where's the information you're looking
   for? Try it now!

   P R E S E N T

   Download the original screensaver made by the German
   designer group 'Desigershock' which has been featured in this
   issue to commemorate the release of the graphic album

   For further information regarding advertisement,
   please inquire at ad@shift.jp.org

   Also please visit our advertising sites at:




Taketo Oguchi for Shift Magazine

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