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[rohrpost] Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival opens today in Taiwan

If you are around, have nothing else to do (there), join the grand opening
today, Dec. 8th, 2001, in the presence of the President of the Republic of
China, Mr. Chen Shui-Bian at the Kaohsiung International Container Arts
Festival, organized by Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan.
Made :'in order to display the unique qualities of (the) Greater Kaohsiung
and Kaohsiung Port ares and promote the exchange of information among
international port cities, the Kaohsiung International  Container Arts
festival 2001 invited artists from around the world'.
Invited and having produced on commission and site specifically are among
Eduardo KAC USA/Brazil
Wolf KAHLEN  Germany
Shu-Lea CHEANG USA/Taiwan
Carsten NICOLAI Germany
Jeannot SCHWARTZ Austria/Sitzerland
More as soon as there is a homepage of the event, which at the moment still
does not work

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