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[rohrpost] august issue foreplay

Foreplay, Please!

foreplay, are you ready to play? foreplay.
However, behaviors that commonly are labeled as 
Looking for some fun & games to rev up your sex life, come
to Foreplay every week. Everyone knows that laughter is
great foreplay mill ride golf club
Do You Practice Intellectual Foreplay?
What many online businesses are forgetting is the fine art of business 
foreplay, an unorthodox way of saying "public relations." 
Effective public relations is out of bed make what we do there all the 
more special. Porn, while hot and great in its own way, usually skips 
right over the foreplay and gets down to action. 

That ... tonight. 

Bring the audience up to the cliff, are we going over?
Well well well. Who would have
thought it. The gossip column this term ... 

I've decided that I hate the word foreplay. It sounds like everything 
you do 4play, aarrgghh, ahem, applause, blonde, boner. boobies, camra,
cry, dewme, doh, duh. erection, ewww, faceslp, gasps, geez, giggles.

Foreplay is Over. Your search is over


for lack of any proper name

august issue 2001: "foreplay"

monthly appearing e-zine for multimedia art,
monthly changing subject, no-commerce platform for cyber-artists,
photographers, screen-designer, e-musicians, movie-makers, comic-developers...


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Switzerland / Europe

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