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[rohrpost] info about videonale-price

the videonale 9 price-jury
consisting of: valie export, susanne gaensheimer, michael hirz, kasper könig, veit loers, marcel odenbach, petra unnützer
decided to give the prices to:
calin dan (*1955 rumania, lives in amsterdam): videonale-price
killu sukmit/mari laanemets (both *1975 estonia, they live in tallin): wdr-price
kenny macleod (1967 great britain, lives in amsterdam): postproduction-price
again we want to thank all the artists who submitted work for the videonale 9 as well as all artists who participate in the show.
the works are on view in the bonner kunstverein until next sunday (11am - 9pm), 6th of may.
###### VIDEONALE 9 c/o bonner kunstverein
Hochstadenring 22
D-53111 Bonn
fon ++49.228.692818
fax ++49.228.9085817