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[rohrpost] [artcart] NEWS: artcart at art frankfurt

Title: [artcart] NEWS: artcart at art frankfurt

** artcart-News - Apr.27th, 2001 - Issue **
Be Avantgarde - Buy Net.Art


artcart-News Contents:
1- artcart at art frankfurt
2- artcart art frankfurt edition
3- big bOXe !: artcart and - special art frankfurt website
4- art frankfurt promotional offer: FREE 10 Bull-DgH title
5- artcart presents: and Takuji Kogo ( Mo. 30.4.01 )


1. artcart at art frankfurt

13th Art Frankfurt - the European Fair for Young Art - in Frankfurt
from 28th April to 1st May 2001.

NOW for the first time a NET.ART Gallery
will be displaying an exciting range of at an ART FAIR!!

In cooperation with Station Rose, Art Frankfurt is the first art fair to give the subject of  its own forum - the "Webcast Lounge" .

artcart ( the gallery with online shop founded and curated by mario hergueta will present at the art frankfurt an exciting and multifaceted spectrum of the scene.

On monday 30.4.2001 at the "Webcast Lounge"
artcart proudly presents (France) and Takuji Kogo (Japan).
Both artists will make a special presentation
of their innovative,lively and playful artwork.

Our artists are invited to stream their content live
 into the Lounge from around the globe:

Lew Baldwin, Blank/Jeron, Valery Grancher, Yael Kanarek, Takuji Kogo,
Antonio Mendoza, Mouchette, Tina LaPorta, J. R.Leegte, Peter Luining/LFOUNDATION, mi_ga,, Melinda Rackham, Erwin Redl, Teo Spiller and ZDEN and have installed a special artfrankfurt event web site ( ) where you have access to the of eminent contemporary artists, information and can buy the artcart art frankfurt edition including the Station Rose - Webcast Lounge KUNST.

What's more, for the duration of the trade fair, a live programme will be
webcasted from the lounge every evening between 6 and 8 p.m. and streamed
onto the Internet by STATION ROSE( )

>>> LINKS:

>>> Big BOXe! : and


>>> STATION ROSE Webcast-Lounge (+Streaming)
location: 1.1 F71
Messe Frankfurt

Die europäische Messe für junge Kunst: New Attitudes, Kunst ab 1960, Editions District, ArtKino. Für Fachbesucher und Publikum täglich von 11- 20 Uhr.
Messe Frankfurt, Halle 1. Infoline: +49 (0)69 75 75 66 94

 2. artcart art frankfurt edition

Buy Net.Art - that is the motto of artcart at Art Frankfurt and artcart publish the special Artcart Art Frankfurt Edition as we would like to give everybody the occasion to be the appreciative owner of a work of Renowned artist will create editions whose numbers will never surpass the hundred and will be available as the Artcart Art Frankfurt Edition at extremely affordable prices. Get your copy before it is to late!

Have a glance on recent published by artcart. The fastest way to obtain one of the highly sought-after works is to order directly ( ). Or you can visit us at our Art Frankfurt Webcast Lounge stand during the trade fair.

This editions will be published for art frankfurt:
"We-Care-A-Lot" from Joachim Blankand Karl Heinz Jeron, "RESEARCH" and "8 = telematic ware" from lfoundation, and the special Station Rose - Webcast Lounge KUNST!
Booth-No. Art Frankfurt WebCast Lounge 1.1 F71

>>> LINK:

3. big bOXe! : artcart and - special art frankfurt website

How to Pick & Prepare Cuts of Beef

Cuts obtained from the more muscular sections will be the least tender but most flavorful. Try the shoulder and legs. Cuts from less muscular sections will be the most tender. Try the ribs and loin.
Select beef that is bright red. Vacuum-packed beef will have a darker purple-red color because it is not exposed to air.
When the beef is exposed to air, its color should turn red.

Get ready for the En-gArde!'s champion's régime and master's behavior

4- art frankfurt promotional offer: FREE 10 Bull-DgH title
    the special PROMOTIONAL OFFER at art frankfurt:

  buy on
  and get a FREE 10 Bull-DgH title to invest on NELia market !

  For each piece bought on, get the Frankfurter Special
  10 Bull-DgH Title for FREE and store your very first En-gArde style
  Territorial Mix !!!
  DO IT ! Become E.T Collector by patching* your DgH title on your
  website to enlarge the GNou International Reserve


 5- artcart presents: and Takuji Kogo ( Mo. 30.4.01 )

            artcart proudly presents

   and Takuji Kogo

            MONDAY, 30.04.2001
            FROM 6 - 8 p.m.
            location: Webcast-Lounge 1.1 F71

            Messe Frankfurt

!!!The show will be streamed onto the Internet ( )!!!


Be Avantgarde - Buy Net.Art
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

artcart proudly presents works of eminent contemporary artist:
Annie Abrahams, Lew Baldwin, Blank/Jeron, Heath Bunting, Valery
Grancher, Yael Kanarek,  Takuji Kogo, Mouchette, Tina LaPorta, J. R.
Leegte, Peter Luining/LFOUNDATION, mi_ga, Jogchem Niemandsverdriet,, Melinda Rackham, Erwin Redl, Teo Spiller, ZDEN

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We would like to thank all our readers for
reading artcart-News.


The artcart - Team

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