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[rohrpost] How Hemingway

April 24th ,  2001

New On The Screen...."e-Toro"

"E-Toro"  is a darkly humorous rendering of an invincible bull and the
bullfighters who take him on.  It was directed by Parisian artist Regis

Watch the film:

News You Can Use.

One day left!

o Streaming Cinema, the traveling showcase of Internet film and multimedia
stories, announces a Call for Entries for its second annual program.  The
tour will kick off in Philadelphia in May, and travel to several venues in
Europe, as well as the U.S.  Cash prizes will be awarded for best web
fiction, best interactive program and best web animation.

Streaming Cinema is  seeking short films, video, documentaries, animation,
multimedia and interactive work made specifically for the Internet.  The
deadline for submissions has been extended to April 25th,  2001.
Submissions can be made via URL, email or CD-rom in Quick Time or MPEG
format.  Streaming Cinema is a production of

For more information, email or check out the website:

hey it's your desktop, not a drive in!

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