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[rohrpost] Craig Baldwin, boot_lab, 22.4.2001, 16 Uhr

mikro and boot_lab are pleased to present: 

"Copyrights & Pranks. Videoactivism after Bush" 
with Craig Baldwin 

Sunday, April 22, 16:00  
at the boot_lab, Ziegelstr. 23 (entrance WMF) 

The film maker and movie-activist Craig Baldwin from San Francisco is in
Berlin right now, showing his newest film "Spectres of the Spectrum" and
two programs curated by him: "Press Play to agitate -- Pirates, Parodists
and the Prank-documentary" and "Breaking the Spell -- Anarchists, Eugene
and the WTO" 

We showed previews of these films in January of this year, and Craig's 1995
film "Sonic Outlaws", an experimental documentary on Fair Use, "culture-
jamming," and electronic folk culture, at the copyright-mikro.lounge in
October 1998.

Now, we would like to take the opportunity of his visit to talk about the
changing conditions of activism under the Bush administration. 

The film programs are shown April 18-22 

at Arsenal 2, Potsdamer Str. 2 

and at Central, Rosenthaler Str. 39, Berlin 

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