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[rohrpost] NewMediaArtProjectNetwork - Newsletter 04-2001

***Apologies for cross-posting****

A Newsletter April 2001
**NewMediaArtProjectNetwork - English Edition**

***created and updated in Flash5 !!***
NewMediaArtProjectNetwork -
News from the Editor

Dear friends,

In these days, in every good home
it is the turn for spring cleaning.
During the past weeks
the NewMediaArtProjectNetwork
took steps to restructure
its corporate sites.

Please note also, that several of the corporate sites
publish seperate Newsletters.

Please update according to the web adresses listed below:

A Virtual Memorial
Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity

Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(JAVA=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

Le Musée di-visioniste

MediaCentre in Le Musée divisioniste

Collections in Le Musée di-visioniste

Engaged Artists Directory
(under construction)
Agricola de Cologne Moving Picture Collection

Agricola de Cologne Virtuals
Homepage of Agricola de Cologne

Agricola de Cologne FlashDesign

until next time,
best regards from

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Editor in Chief
A Newsletter
is a free  InformationsService of
NewMediaArtProjectNetwork Public Relations
Agricola de Cologne Virtuals

and its corporate sites

copyright © 2000-2001 by AGRICOLA de Cologne
All rights reserved.

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