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[rohrpost] frieze April issue

'The first act of revolution: a bench has told me to sit down, so I'm not
to sit there, I'm going to sit where I bother people walking up the stairs'

Vito Acconci talks about sitting on steps in the April issue of frieze, which
also features Rachel Feinstein, Ricky Swallow, Richard Wright, Udomsak
Krisanamis, Stefano Ariente and Hairy Beary Men.

'Mexicans are bad and must die, WASP American girls have truly hit rock bottom
when they're being fucked by mandingos, and to make a good film simply copy
style of a great director'

Christian Haye reveals the three truisms of Traffic in the Front section,
together with tropical psychedelia, PoMo Country and Western, smoky bacon ice-
cream, the Ice Hotel, well-being magazines and more.

Look out for Richard Wright's genial skull on the cover on a newsstand near
you, or subscribe at

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