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[rohrpost] kyoto campaign

Title: kyoto campaign
!please forward!

dear all,

the refusal by george w. bush, the president of the u.s.a., to implement the kyoto protocol on global climate change has severe implications for all of us. curbing greenhouse gas emissions is an absolute necessity, as global warming is affecting all our lives. this policy puts lives at risk for an assumed economic benefit.

we all can make our opinion on this matter heard, either by calling the white house on ++1-202-456-1414, or by sending a fax on ++1-202-456-2461.

another possibility is to send e-mails to the official e-mail addresses of the president and the vice-president of the u.s.a.:
president george w. bush:
vice-president dick cheney:
first lady laura bush:   
mrs. lynne cheney:     

the more messages are sent, the more the people at the white house will realise that there are people out there who are opposed to this policy that is simply an attempt to protect the oil-barons who paid for mr bush's election campaign.

for added effect, we suggest that you send your messages to the white house tomorrow, on wednesday, 3. april 2001, at 16:00 gmt (i.e. 12 am local time in washington, 5 pm in london and 18:00 in western europe) we will be sending the following mail to georg w. bush and to dick cheney, why don't you all do the same?

dear mr. president, dear mr. vice-president

we strongly disagree with your refusal to abide by the protocol of kyoto and urge you to reconsider your decision. your policy affects all people, even the citizens of the united states, for the worse.
it is paramount that the united states reduce their production of greenhouse gases. the future of our children - and their children - depends on the resolve that you and other world leaders

yours sincerely,



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