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[rohrpost] i love u tangerine

april issue 2001: "orange"

My beloved tangerine, 

Iím all alone tonight, and nothing is easier Ė alone, just by myself.
This letter already is the second one Iíve written today. The first I
left in the mailbox Ė at least thatís what I thought. It later turned
out to be the trashcan, as both, trashcan and mailbox, are similarly
orange and both are put up very closely next to each other on the
street, where I see them, every day, when Iím in orange-disguise to come
and visit you; then, Iím being pushed in the cart, together with all the
real oranges, to the market square, for that you and I can meet. Today,
when we returned for lunch from where the market is, I saw the trash
collectors emptying the trashcan, finding the letter and reading it
aloud, laughing. Immediately, I jumped off the cart to get the letter
back Ė yelling, I ran after them and started chasing the trash
collectors, all of which were dressed in orange, all the way down the
block, past the fruit stands still on the square. While running, I
caught a glimpse of you lying there in a basket, smiling so beautifully,
it made my feet and heart stumble, and, stumbling, I hurried down the
street and streets, across the river, using the tunnel leading to the
eastern side. There, I continued chasing the trash collectors, and
chased them up the hills, on top of which I finally paused to catch some
breath, feeling my heart continue running, stumbling, exhaling and
refusing to go on just one Inch. Reluctantly, I had to watch the trash
collectors leave, down the hills again, while I was still trying to
breathe; they left Ė untouched, uncaught and holding the letter I had
written Ė for you. Reading and cracking jokes, they disappeared. 
But, hey, anyway Ė even though the letter they took was a good one, Iím
here now, and Iím glad, chasing those guys got me on this side of the
river, the eastern one, where you can see me, if you take a good look
from your basket in the fruit stand. Can you see me? Iím already
setting, ainít I? When I still set on the south side, you said, you
could watch me at night. Can you still do so, now that Iím here? I hope.
I think, I look a lot more beautiful over here, donít I? Please tell me.
And never forget: I-love-u!

Yours truly, 
The sun.

text written by Kevin Vennemann

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