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[rohrpost] March frieze

Sorry for crossposting!

March frieze now available

What happened when Wittgenstein turned interior decorator in 1926 (apart
from reducing the carpenter to tears)?

Find out about Wittgenstein's radiators and about Maureen Gallace, Saul
Fletcher, Stefan Altenburger, Monica Bonvicini, the naughty Nike campaign,
the sounds of sin, the Kaleidoscope family and cummerbunds for girls.

As for reviews, amongst others we have Lily van der Stokker in London,
Slater Bradley in New York, Jeff Koons in Berlin, Media_City in Seoul,
Gelatin in Vienna and David Robbins in Milwaukee.

And don't forget the ads, so that you know what's on when.

To subscribe online, or to search the frieze archive, visit our website

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