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[rohrpost] Jeff Wall Digs a Grave

Artforum’s March issue is out. 

Nine feet across and two years in the making, Jeff Wall’s photograph "The 
Flooded Grave" was recently unveiled at the National Gallery of Canada. This 
month, Wall talked to Artforum about his newest work and its extraordinary 

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More March: Rhonda Lieberman takes the measure of man-in-full Tom Wolfe’s 
latest effort; The Whitney Museum and SFMoMA come to the table for an in-depth 
look at new media in the museum as the institutions open twin surveys; 
Daniel Birnbaum considers the new new German painting of Neo Rauch on the 
occasion of the artist’s first retrospective. 

“When I can’t go to the art, I go to Artforum.” —Cindy Sherman, subscriber


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