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[rohrpost] transmediale.01 newsletter #1

transmediale.01  - international media art festival berlin
DIY [ do it yourself ! ]
4 - 11 February 2001

the programme planning for the upcoming  transmediale - international media
art festival berlin - is progressing fast. in the coming weeks, we will be
sending out regular news updates which will, as soon as possible, also be
reflected on the festival website which is under construction.

here is a first overview over the main parts of the festival programme:

* two-day CONFERENCE with two international panels each day:

- Social Software (8 feb afternoon) - about software as a designed motor of
social change
- Artistic Software (8 feb evening) - about programming as artistic practice
- New Forms of Distribution (9 feb afternoon) - about artistic content
production and distribution on the net
- Net-Based Participation (9 feb evening) - about art projects probing
models of interaction and participation

* artist presentations and prize ceremony for the projects shortlisted for
the transmediale.01 AWARDS in the three categories, Interactive, Video, and
Artistic Software (10 feb)

* six thematic VIDEO SCREENING programmes from the competition submissions
(5, 6, 7, 11 feb) and a video-on-demand service

* the Competition Terror screening night - all you can take! (9 feb)

* three special screenings with video art from Africa (6 feb),
internet-based shorts from Russia (10 feb) and the UK group Machinima who
produce feature films with computer game software (11 feb)

* a retrospective afternoon with the berlin-based film and video group
DOGFILM - pioneers in bridging the gap between independent video production
and public television (11 feb)

* four WORKSHOPS (Flash animations and Gameboy hacking for children, LEGO
Mindstorms and Synaesthetic environments for all)

* a specially designed MEDIA LOUNGE in the Foyer Hall of the Podewil where
we will present the computer screen-based works (internet, CD-Rom,
software) - this is set to become a spectacular and inviting environment
that will give the transmediale.01 a characteristic face.

* the transmediale.01 SALON, a cafe and evening hang-out with
magazine-style short presentations of new media projects and work in

* PRICES (reduced)
- 1 panel DM 20 (DM 15)
- 2 panels DM 35 (DM 25)
Screenings - DM 12 (DM 10)
Competition Terror - DM 20 (DM 15)
Presentations - DM 12 (DM 10)
Workshops - DM 20 (DM 5)
Media Lounge/Salon - free
Festival pass - DM 150 (DM 120)

an ACCREDITATION FORM is available on the website

PRESS: please, contact

the NEXT NEWSLETTER will be published on 29 dec and will contain a list of
the projects and tapes shortlisted for the transmediale.01 awards.

we wish everybody a pleasant and peaceful end of the year season and send
special greetings to all those who, like us, can't take holidays.

best regards,

the transmediale team

transmediale - international media art festival berlin
klosterstr. 68-70 - d-10179 berlin
tel. +49-30-24721907 - fax +49-30-24721909 -
transmediale.01 - DIY [do it yourself!] - 4-11 feb 2001

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