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[rohrpost] Global Trends in Politics and Technology

Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With
Nongovernment Experts
"Over the past 15 months, the National Intelligence Council
(NIC), in close collaboration with US Government specialists
and a wide range of experts outside the government, has
worked to identify major drivers and trends that will shape
the world of 2015."

The Technology Review Ten
"But in this special issue of Technology Review, we offer
you the next best thing: the educated predictions of our editors
(made in consultation with some of technology's top experts).
We have chosen 10 emerging areas of technology that will
soon have a profound impact on the economy and on how
we live and work."
Brain-Machine Interfaces, Flexible Transistors, Data Mining
Digital Rights Management, Biometrics, Natural Language
Processing, Microphotonics, Untangling Code, Robot Design,

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