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[rohrpost] [kut-info] Niche- a telematic event organized by Roy Ascott

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Art center NABi will host "Niche," a telematic event organized by Roy
Ascott, the artist, new media theoretician and inventor of telematic art, on
the19th of December, 2000. During the event, Internet users in Seoul and
from around the world will be connected via a constructed 3-D world, thus
creating a global network or "mind-bridge". Participants in cyber space will
interact with each other as avatars, sharing each other's thoughts, beliefs,
tastes and secrets, and, in the end, forming a mind-bridge of consciousness.
The participants will experience the creative power of imagination through
online interactions. They will also be involved in discussions concerning
global issues such as ecology and cultural diversity.

Telematics is a term used to designate computer-mediated communications
networking involving telephone, cable, and satellite links between
geographically dispersed individuals and institutions that are interfaced to
data-processing systems, remote sensing devices, and capacious data storage
banks. It involves the technology of interaction among human beings and
between the human mind and artificial systems of intelligence and
perception. The individual user of networks is always potentially involved
in a global net, and the world is always potentially in a state of
interaction with the individual. Thus, across the vast spread of telematics
networks worldwide, the quantity of data processed and the density of
information exchanged is incalculable. *

(* First Published: Ascott, R. Is there Love in the Telematic Embrace? , Art
Journal: New York: College Arts Association of America 49:3, pp. 241-247.)

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