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ENDLICH[1]! FLORIAN MERKUR in München! Aber nur kurze Zeit!
DIENSTAG, 19.12.2000 
0:32 - Ankunft München Hbf.

EX-self-made-millionaireX *florian merkur* is travelling again.
He's still arriving tonight in Munich at 0:32.

Kill the practice now. Be aware of the fact its about the last time in
this millenium. For those who want to spend some time with florian merkur: 
[1]Take some paper, [2]scribble *florian merkur* on it [3]wait at Munich
Trainstation for the train arriving from Zurich at 0:32 [4]you will never
stay alone.

Or only take some picturex or video of $openi_dentity and tell him a story
about your own business.

ENDLICH[2]! Florian Merkur in Agadir! Exp. Simple-Brain!
DIENSTAG, 19.12.2000 
14:25 - Ankunft Agadir

* * * Real Interviews!!! Tom Kummer vs. Florian Merkur * * *
* * * FM: Tom, do you feel guilty? TK: Its really funny, since I was
captured by L.A.Police Dep...* * *

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do you know a room like this...
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()  funny peoplex
()  in a city/ near a city
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()  year 2001
thats me...
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