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[rohrpost] UNIDEE in Residence

UniversitÓ delle Idee is a research centre where creative ideas  come
to life and are promoted. It aims at achieving an interaction between
the arts and the other humanities, scientific and social  disciplines.

UNIDEE UniversitÓ delle Idee is founded on a statement that was made
by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto: "Art is the most sensitive and
comprehensive expression of human thought. The time has come for the
artist to take the responsibility of connecting every other human
activity. From economy to politics, from science to religion, from
education to behaviour. In brief, all the components of our social
structure." (manifesto, Progetto Arte 1994)
The spirit of UNIDEE has its basis in this premise. A vast container
of human thoughts, a laboratory which places the concept of
creativity at the centre of a pursuit that wishes to include the
various humanities, scientific and social sectors. Its aim is to lead
to a responsible transformation of society.

Our main intent is to respond to the deep-rooted contradictions
caused by the opposition between the exponential growth of
technological and economic-financial systems - what we call
"progress" - and the "regression" induced by the tragic degradation
of our planet to which we must add the inhuman physical and moral
poverty that envelops most of the world population. Oddly enough,
this occurs at a time when we should, on the other hand, have reached
a mature responsibility throughout the planet.

UNIDEE tries to respond to the needs that are emerging on all the
levels of the social structure and commits itself to a project  that
can produce important steps towards the concept of "civil society".

UNIDEE's purpose is to gather all the possible creative forces and
concentrate them on a central theme: global civil society.

UNIDEE is dedicated in particular to propositive minds, capable of
proposing projects and suggesting innovative solutions also in the
collective situations. This concerns all the aspects of our everyday
life: from the practical objects of common use to the complex
components of our physical habitat and mental habitus.

UNIDEE serves as a laboratory that conducts a personal research and
an internal production, but also as an international mediator
collecting projects that could constitute new formative models for
the different branches of the social structure.

To reach this aim UNIDEE is open to utopian projects, and offers to
propose them to those who are willing to perceive them and possibly
actualise them.

UniversitÓ delle Idee is composed of three main lines of study:

Concerning all the aspects of human thought. Its different
expressions and the disciplines used to express itself: spirituality,
philosophy as well as science, anthropology, economy, politics and

All the aspects related to the body. Its relationship with the world
that surrounds it and the way it expresses itself: theatre,
performance, fashion but also nourishment and behaviour.

All the aspects of architecture: from the creation of design objects
to city planning and world habitat.


Giuliano Della Pergola, Professor of Urban and Rural Sociology,
Polytechnic of Milan
Trond Berg Eriksen, Professor of History of Ideas, University of  Oslo
Alanna Heiss, Director of the PS1 Museum, New York
Edelbert K÷b, Assistant director of the Academy of Arts, Vienna;
director of the  KUB, Bregenz.
Henrich Kreutz, Professor of Sociology, University of  Nuremberg
Ervin Laszlo, Expert in Philosophy of Systems and General Theory of
Evolution, President of the "Club of Budapest", Montescudaio (Pisa)
Michel Maffesoli, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Research
Institute of the Imaginary,  Sorbonne, Paris
Massimo Melotti, Management consultant and head of communications at
the Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Arts Museum, Turin
Elisabeth Samsonow, Head of the Sacred Arts Institute, Academy of
Fine Arts, Vienna
Walter Santagata, Professor of Public Finance, faculty of Political
Sciences, UniversitÓ degli Studi of Turin
Janwillem Schrofer, President of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende
Kunsten, Amsterdam
Elisabeth Schweeger, Director of the Munich Marstall Theatre
Harald Szeeman, Historian of the arts and artistic director of the
Biennale di Venezia 1999 / 2001
Denis Zacharopoulos, Historian of the Arts, Athens


UNIDEE offers a significant specialisation course to students and
graduates coming from different university  backgrounds.

The growing interest in the research and development of IDEAS on all
levels of the social context is not perceived by UNIDEE in generic
terms. It is perceived as need for  creative contribution in every
field of human activity, following the specific direction previously
mentioned in the introduction. Consequently, UNIDEE offers each
course participant a unique experience not be found in any other
academic or university program. Activities are, in fact, based on the
application and use of imagination in the chosen profession, and they
all aim at  a responsible social transformation.
Moreover, art students and young artists will have the opportunity of
introducing their creative work to larger shares of the social

The residents will live and work in the buildings of Cittadellarte, a
remarkable architectural example of industrial archaeology. Apart
from attending courses, workshops, public meetings and exhibitions,
they will also share the behavioural experience of living within a
collective community.


UNIDEE programs are directed by Michelangelo Pistoletto and are based
on his multidisciplinary experience.

The 2001 course for students in residence  consists of seminars held
by members of the Scientific Committee of UniversitÓ delle Idee and
by experts and eminent figures of the various humanities, economical,
political, artistic and social disciplines.

Each day will be divided into a theoretical part and into a practical
part, that will be dedicated to the development and actualisation of
individual and group projects. These projects shall be gradually
proposed both by the participants (residents and experts) and by
non-residents (Projects by invitation).

The UNIDEE in-residence activities are carried out on two levels: the
first is the level of physical space which includes Cittadellarte and
its surroundings. The second, is the level of virtual space and
includes the international means of communication, in particular

The residents actively take part in the scheduled events at
Cittadellarte: exhibitions, conventions, performances, workshops.

UNIDEE in residence takes place over a period of three months: from 1
to 31 July, and from 1 September to 31 October 2001.

The official language is English

At the end of the course, each resident shall be presented with a
certificate of attendance.
Participants who miss out on more than 20% of the scheduled
activities shall not be entitled to the above-mentioned document.

The projects elaborated during the residence will be presented to the public.

Admission Committee

The projects and material received shall be judged and selected by an
international jury that will then proceed to assigning the seats, in
compliance with the aims mentioned in the introduction.

Terms of Participation

For the year 2001, twenty seats will be assigned.

To take part in the selection, candidates must send their ideas,
projects and documentation of the activities they have carried out in
their field.

The application must include:
1.	The participation form that must be filled in and signed.
2.	Brief description of a project that complies with the
premises of UniversitÓ delle Idee, mentioned in the introduction. (2
3.	Any additional documentation regarding the project or the
applicants'  activity in general (drawings, photographs, videosŐ)

The material must reach us by 31 March 2001. Please write "UNIDEE in
residence" both on the envelope and in the cover.

The results of the selection shall be communicated after 10 May 2001.

A total amount of Lire 18 million (Euro 9300) has been calculated for
each student for three months residence. Lire 15 million (Euro 7750)
of that sum shall be covered by Fondazione Pistoletto scholarships
and by other public and private organisations. The remaining Lire 3
million (Euro 1550) are at the students' expense, who will have the
opportunity of finding sponsors to cover their part.

The fee includes:
*		seminars for the entire 3 month period
*		Workshop attendance
*		technical and didactic support materials
*		participation to the activities of Cittadellarte
*		board and lodging in the seat of the Fondazione.

Applications must be sent to:

UNIDEE in Residence
Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga, 27
13900 Biella - Italia
tel.  +39 015 28400
fax  +39 015 2522540
email         unidee@cittadellarte.it
Internet     www.cittadellarte.it

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