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[rohrpost] protest=profit - click the link for the thing roma

Re: <nettime> NO PROTEST NO PROFIT >>> Consultation

In a message dated 01/12/00 01:55:16 GMT Standard Time,

<< you could have not 
 send anything and participate only to those protests which are pure and 

As we struggle not to be diverted by your aping of 80's centre left 'new 
realism' rhetoric, misguidance and crass over simplification in the above 
statement  (you just forgot ".......were interested in getting into 
power"),which  is useful in only exposing your reformist -promotional - 
Your political identity becomes clear, in its reactionary and non 
revolutionary basis.......  to say nothing of certain of your people 
submitting  work to their own initiative........we now see your crowning 
predictability in withdrawing from the DEBATE as other people start to 
comment ,just in case it jeopardises the provinence,sale price or popularity 
of your gimmick cum competition.
As you continue to suppress open and free communications from the Lumpen 
illuminates and because of your initial and subsequent acts of JUDGING you 
have left us with no other option than to issue the following text to counter 
your chronic authoritarianism.

'The workers are free activists'  

The judging panel of  the 'no protest no profit'  competition,  a concept 
edited and published against the Lumpen Iluminati,against its prophet and 
against its projects,along with all the editors and publishers aware of its 
contents,are condemned to capitals punishment.We call on all valiant 
insurrectionists wherever they may be in the world to execute this sentence 
without delay,so that no one hencefoth will dare insult the sacred beliefs of 
the L.I.

Ludo (minister of information to the L.I )

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