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[rohrpost] Webcast 128 + STR live in San Francisco

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan & more:

 dear Gunafa Netizen,

A) NetSTReam - Webcast 128 today, MON/4.12.00, 9pm CET
B) STR performing live in San Francisco
C) <body part> ram file in the webcast-archive

A) NetSTReam - Webcast 128 tonight, MON/4.12.00, 9pm CET
live @home

topic: STReaming a realtime rehearsal for san francisco from e-home
content: MIDI-compositions including the brandnew "10 gruene Punkte"
extra: the last session before catching the plane

B) STR performing live in the U.S., San Francisco.:
* MIDI-live-Performance at Blasthaus, San Francisco.
date: Sat. 9.12.2000, around 11pm
place: 78 Minna Street
Please check out the website, as well as for details and schedule.

We are very happy to play live in San Francisco again, and composed "10
gruene Punkte" (10 green dots) exclusively for that.  We shall play
different MIDI-pieces for circa 50 minutes.
So please check out in time when to be there.
We shall have the new book "private://public" with us, too.

Besides the performance at Blasthaus, which is located in the center of
multimedia gulch, just a block away from SFmoma, we will find time to do
field research on the digital climate in SF today. We shall report on what
we saw and what we heard in one of the coming webcasts.

C) new ram file in the webcast-archive:
One of the rare moments when a webcast was archived had come again:
"Webcast 126" (67 min.) is now online again, as it is the beginning of a
<series of body-STReams>.
In this webcast Elisa Rose is showing her eyes only, looking from
cyberspace directly into your eyes.
There is a very reduced animation together with it, and a special
composition by Gary Danner in this realtime piece of netart. Other parts of
the body will be featured throughout the next months, going down to the
toes finally. At the beginning of the file there is a 5-7min. intro with
music by serge gainsbourg.

Station Rose Info:
STReaming a la Station Rose, started in January 1999, blends performance,
lectures (STR in conversation with guests in the studio) and multimedia jam
sessions into a unique form of Net Art. 127 webcasts have taken place so
far. Main topic in the program of Station Rose webcasts are live-sessions
in realtime, where sounds & visuals are STReamed from the studio into the
net. Acoustic highlights of these sessions are published on vinyl.
Station Rose is one of the first multimedia bands & net artists in Europe.
Being online (at the WELL) since 1991, STR did their first online-live
events, namely
Gunafa Clubbing in Frankfurt, in 1992.

The brandnew book "private://public" which is out NOW, and is the
ManifeSTATION of
webcasting, netart, plug-ins, recording realtime yes or no, and more.
It was produced by artists, not by critics.
This publication, in german and english, came out of webcast-conversations
Geert Lovink, Petra Klaus & Hans Romanov, Bazon Brock, Birgit Richard,
Stefan Weber, Thomas Feuerstein and Josephine Bosma.
(ISBN 3-85266-114-5;  296 pages, edition selene, Vienna 2000. Details are
on the website.)
Get yourself a cosy armchair as well as the book, and enjoy reading in

stay with us

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

             station rose   12-2000

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