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[oldboys] Women in Games Conference in Scotland

The second annual Women In Games Conference in Britain has been
announced for August 8th, 9th and 10th at the University of Abertay in
Dundee, Scotland. The conference will attempt to highlight the most
recent, groundbreaking work in computer game research and development to
both academic and industrial worlds.

The aim of the conference is fourfold: to analyze the role of women in the
videogame industry; to discuss the future of games that appeal to female
gamers; to provide an opportunity for women in the videogame industry to
network; and to provide an opportunity to present and
discuss the latest videogame research.

A call for papers is currently being made for the conference, with the
following subjects being highlighted as possible topics: history of women
in computing and computer games, issues facing women in the games
industry, games and education, games and usability, understanding
gameplay, motivation in gaming, depiction of females in games, avatars as
female role models, design and usability considerations for
women/girls and cultural variation in gameplay.

Further details can be found at the official website, with the deadline
for submissions being March 21st.

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