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[oldboys] marina grzinic, ART-e-FACT

Title: marina grzinic, ART-e-FACT

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/ /  T E C H N O M Y T H O L O G I E S   /  / /   /  

Marina Grzinic, Guest Editor, issue 03
Designed by Trudy Lane

In our third issue of ART-e-FACT, the main point of investigation focuses on the ways in which technology and especially new media technologies (from digital gadgets, to the Internet and virtual reality technology, etc.) change our artistic and cultural paradigms. In which ways are artists transformed by technology, and technology reshaped by artists and activists? The differences can also be seen as a result of the ways in which activists and artists try to break into particles the myth of art-culture-technology's happy liaisons. The TECHNOMYTHOLOGIES are divided into several areas of investigation and try to raise controversial positions taken by artists, theoreticians, performers, film and video makers, attacking the myths about technology and the technology of the myths from a consistently political point of view.

The contributions are different:
1. Theoretical texts and critical reflection.
2. Presentation of art works from videos and films,
  photography, Internet or web projects.
3. Displaying political, cultural, forensic manifestos
  along with links to interesting projects.

Nada Beros, Editor-in-Chief for ART-e-FACT

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