Cornelia Sollfrank on Tue, 11 May 2004 12:43:48 +0200 (CEST)

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[oldboys] schedule for may 12/13

hi there,

hope you are all doing well. i enjoy your contributions to the list as well as on the blog!

tomorrow, on wednesday we will start as usually at 7 pm.
in a round together with kay sievers we will talk about free software, what it is, why it is there, who makes it, who uses it etc. kay will also show a lot of examples and i hope we will all together have a lively discussion. if somehow possible please prepare yourself by reading in the book i brought last time "free software". everybody should have it meanwhile, yes? and bring all the questions you always had about free software. this is the opportunity to ask them.

on thursday we will start at 10 and take 2 hours for the contributions of sabine and henrik, as well as for a general discussion about our project. what are you working on, what are your ideas, questions, problems, how to proceed.

after lunch break we go to the linux pool in b15, 1st floor and use the afternoon for introduction and free experimenting with linux and all kind of stuff we find on the computers. for those who want to bring their own computers we will try and prepare a knoppix cd, so that you can run linux from the cd.

looking forward to seeing you all again, c.
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