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[oldboys] Join the GCA tech patch session.

GCA tech patch at Freecooperation: networks, art & collaboration

      .-'""-.      .-'
     (  (__)  )    X
      |-.__.-|    / \
      |      |_.-'   \
      |      |        \
      |      |         \
 VK   |      |

description : 
Theoretically, the session is about being together, code a patchwork in 
a white male dominated tech world, change the surrounding, and make it 
female somehow. It is about female networking in tech and crafts in terms 
of patterns, human networks and social hubs. We use tools like keyboards,
needles, screwdrivers, cloth, pins and free haptic materials. We explain 
why modern tech development is a territory for women too. It is natural. 
It is about broadening tech issues and creating techware sculptures. We 
move boarders, transform them, and make them ourselves. Practically, 
we will eat chocolate cookies and stitch together.

when:	10:20 am - 11:30am, saterday April 24th.  
where: 	Location NSC 205 at Department of Media Study, Buffalo University.
who: 	Michelle and Julie from Gender Changer Academy in Toronto.
email:	dgestrich at, teachers at 


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