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[oldboys] Gender+IST -Call for Contributions-

this is to remind you that the call for contributing art works, software-/media presentations and posters is still open until May 9th.
Best regards,

Gender Perspectives Increasing Diversity
for Information Society Technology
International Symposium
24.-26. June 2004
Bremen, Germany

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS [Art Works, Software- and Media Presentations, Posters]
About the symposium
The focus of the symposium is to concentrate results from gender research in order to
actively influence IST (Information Society Technology) research and application from a
gender perspective in a sustainable way.

The main goals are:
· Influencing mainstream IST development and shaping IST from a gender perspective
· Enhancing diversity in the development of IST
· Broadening perspectives in applications and contexts of IST
· Discussing technological support and education designed to the needs of both genders
· Building and strengthening relevant networks to achieve these goals

The symposium is a first initiative by the emerging GIST network. It is organized by the
research group Digital Media in Education, department of computer science at the
University of Bremen, Germany.

A committee of international experts will chair the symposium. The preparation of the
symposium is supported by an electronic platform which will be built in a participatory way as
the starting point for an electronic network.

The symposium addresses
· Researchers, artists, students
· Company representatives
· Policy makers
· NGOs, initiatives, networks
· The interested public

Symposium Themes:

I. IST Research and Development
- What synergies between IST research & development and gender research can be
- What perspectives need to be inserted into processes of technological development?
- How can technological culture be described and changed?
- What role can participatory design and interaction between users and developers
- What benefits can Gender Mainstreaming strategies have for the innovation and
construction in IST?
- What are the effects of Gender Mainstreaming on the quality of IST research and
- What benefits can companies expect by considering the gender question in their
- ...
II. IST Education
- How can technological education become attractive and motivating for larger parts of
the population?
- How can technology itself arouse curiosity and provoke an engagement in its design?
- How can learning processes open for a deeper understanding of the information
- How can media education be made inclusive for both genders?
- Is there a lesson to be learnt from single sex education?
- ...
III. IST Fields of Application
- How can IST systems be made more user-friendly in fields like education,
health/medicine, environment, mobility, work…?
- How can gender research broaden contents of digital media?
- How can gender research groups and women’s networks be supplied with adequate
technological support?
- How can IST support community building?
- What are the fields in which gender sensitivity and design for diversity are particularly
- …

We very much welcome contributions made by experts from industry, research, NGOs and
other fields of interest, as well as artists addressing and working with IST.
We encourage contributions showing concrete examples as well as theoretical
considerations concerning the given questions.
Proposal Formats:
- art work
- software/media presentation
- posters

A proposal should contain an abstract/description of ca. 500 words and/or (depending on
format) sample of work (CD, DVD etc.) or references to current or past projects (weblinks).
Proposals should indicate which of the symposium's themes they address.
Each paper will be reviewed anonymously. On that basis the program committee will decide
on its acceptance.
The abstracts of the accepted contributions will be published on the symposium’s web site.
Authors are also invited to publish full papers, media presentations and slides on this site.
The conference language is English.
The symposium is funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education and by the
Bremen government. More sponsorship is welcome.

Deadline for submission of posters, software/media presentation and art work: 9th May 2004.
Please submit proposals using the symposium's website:

The symposium registration fee is 200 € (regular fee)
Reduction is possible for early registration (150 €) and for students (50€).
If paying the symposium's fee would hinder you from contributing, please let us know! We are willing to make special arrangements for artists.

For more information please contact the GIST organizing committee :
Prof. Dr. Heidi Schelhowe
or: Claude Draude
phone: +49(0)421-218-3527

Claude Draude
University of Bremen - Department of Computer Science
Fon: +49(0)421 218-3527

International Symposium
   "GIST - Gender Perspectives Increasing Diversity for
              Information Society Technology"

      June 24-26 2004

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