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Re: [oldboys] Ultrasound Project

this is seriously cool!

On Tuesday, November 11, 2003, at 11:00 AM, synner wrote:

> Ultrasound Call for Entries
> http://www.thething.it/ultrasound
> Deadline: december 15th, 2003
> - Ultrasound is a graphic/musical collaborative project. An online and 
> off line
> compilation of high tech visceral narratives, acoustic images and 
> intimate
> connections. Selected contributions will be downloadable and eventually
> published in a CD, with an accompanying booklet.
> Deadline: December 15th, 2003
> -The use of ultrasound in the biopower control circuits changed the  
> perception
> of pregnancy and foetus. During the First World War, high frequency 
> sound
> waves, not audible to the human ear, were deployed extensively in 
> underwater
> surveillance. In the following years research was developed on radar 
> systems.
> Such radar systems were the direct precursors of medical ultrasonic 
> systems.
> The increase in the research and application of ultrasound in 
> obstetrics and
> gynaecology appeared to boom from 1966 onwards.
> -The use of these visualization technologies on female bodies has 
> dissolved the
> borders of the epidermis and turned the maternal biospace in a 
> spectacle to
> screen on ultrasound machines. In the spring of ’65 Life Magazine 
> published a
> sixteen page photographic reportage called "Drama of Life Before 
> Birth”, by the
> swedish biomedical photographer Lennart Nilsson. It showed  “an 
> unprecedented
> set of colour photographs of human embryos in their natural state”. 
> Such images
> also marked the birth of the techno-foetus, when it started to become 
> a fetish,
> the icon of life, personhood, nature, origin, identity. It has become 
> the
> favourite weapon in the hands of over-excited anti-abortion groups.
> -In many medical, media and social discussions, the empowerment of the 
> embryo
> coincides with the erasure of the mother’s subjectivity. Her body is 
> turned
> into a public uterus, a comfortable habitat for the embryo, the growing
> environment and ecosystem for the foetus, the dark background of the 
> scan.
> -Ultrasound aim is to explore these narratives of detachement through 
> images
> and sounds, to produce jamming interferences against the fetish of the 
> foetus
> and its worshippers. Ultrasound invites you to glide in maternal depth 
> and to
> look at it in a different way.
> -Ultrasound is a CD project open to human and non human synthetizers, 
> (de)
> gender music makers, and contributions from any species or space.
> -To send your sounds and vocals contact: synner@thething.it
> Ultrasound is a project sponsored by http://www.thething.it
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